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$900 a day mobile grooming

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  • $900 a day mobile grooming

    Did you see that ad for a mobile business serving Beverly Hills Malibu 2 days week, mostly baths, making $1800 every week. That's upscale and to only work 2 days a week. It is in the classifieds here.

    What would I do with 5 other days a week off?

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    I lived near that area, not upscale though LOL, but very easy to get $100 up in that area for a bath.


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      Just a note, we cannot allow posts commenting on someone's ad saying it is overpriced underpriced etc, at least while it is on sale here. It is only fair to the seller and a courtesy to them. After the ads runs no problem.

      Some years ago, maybe 10, I assisted with a sale of a mobile in the same area and the groomer made $5K a week 5 days a week for some years. But there are other areas like this in the US too.
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        I know of another mobile about 40 mins from me who charges 55$ for chihuahuas I'm planning on advertising that area soon


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          wow, that sounds pretty awesome. Guess it just goes to show that your marketing and location are everything!


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            I have a friend in Hamptons area that makes that much or more daily.


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              Dolly gets 75 for Chis


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                I wouldn't take less than $50 for a Chi, actually anything less than $50. We are mobile.


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                  I guess the other 5 days you'd be spending that $$$

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                    Originally posted by cockerlvr View Post
                    Dolly gets 75 for Chis
                    Not only do I get $75 for a Chi, but I get a $25 tip.......... I think it would be very possibly to make that much in a high income area. I groom in the Midwest and I know it is possible to make that income, especially if you have a tight driving area, young and willing to work from 8-5:00 five days a week. I'm not young, and I drive 50-60 miles a day, and I only groom 4 days a week and I still make a good generous tips :>)

                    Happy going mobile

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