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  • Mobilers/Folks with employees...

    Do you pay a % of commission or an hourly rate/salary. I was considering hourly + tips and a bonus if they groom above and beyond $x.00/wk/day

    How do you handle overtime?

    We have tax on grooming here, what do you do if the client puts the tip on the check? Do you pay the tips out daily on checks or put it on their paycheck?

    I need to get off the van entirely (or severely reduce my workload) due to the repetitive motion injuries I am now noticing; I am unwilling to groom until my arm is literally falling off. Plus the sinus issues. And I am just plain bored of it. I want to explore the other areas of our profession that won't take such a toll on my aging body...I would like to live out my old age with as few aches and pains as possible and pushing the arm til I can't hold anything anymore without drugs is so unappealing to me.

    Tom, I know you pay a percentage. Do you have any thoughts about the straight weekly salary?

    There are pros and cons to both and any ideas, thoughts, experience will be tremendously appreciated.

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    Sorry to hear of your injuries and burnout. How long have you been grooming and how many dogs do you groom per day if I may ask.


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      I have been grooming since August 2007 and started my business January 2013. I really feel that holding the damn dryer hose for hours on end has helped to speed up the repetitive motion injuries, and that would be from mobile. I am ambidextrous so maybe that's what slowed it down. I don't know. I have used swivel shears for almost the entire time I've groomed and battery clippers for just as long (no cord to add drag and weight)

      I started tracking my dogs in May. From May to September I did 440. I was only working 4 days a week since March and then started to book myself Thursdays to save up for a civilian truck for myself. I think that's what got me burnt. I am not accepting new clients and have dedicated days to dedicated zones, I never answer anyone who leaves a voice mail; I never call anyone back. I book by text and email only. Yet my phone is still blowing up and I am working above and beyond the 40 hours.

      I don't get it, because I love grooming!! I just need a long vacation away from what I've been doing. I am the kind of person who gets bored with something once I do it well. I like to get into new adventures and challenges.

      I am not sure having an employee is going to be the answer because along with that comes new and different stressors.

      Maybe what I need to do is raise my prices up by $15/dog and see who's left on my books.

      Just rambling I am going to Dallas Nov 7-9 for ISCC Pet Pro Classic. Grooming symposiums usually give me a little lift. I may get some good info up there about the next move.


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        Here's hoping that you put a message on your voice mail that you ARE NOT returning any messages and that you ARE NOT taking any new clients, because not to do so is really rude.

        Happy having some customer service left in your burned out soul

        Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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          I feel it's too risky to pay salary. We don't have overtime, it's just X amount of dogs per day and the day usually ends about 5ish. I pay all tips out that are on CC or checks with their weekly pay check. Cash is none of my business. As long as the day's total is there, I'm good.

          If you are priced correctly, you should on a typical day take in 160 to 240 after commission is deducted. I do not give any bonuses cause my groomers make close to 200 per day and I have bills to pay. It's very good for them, plus tips are great.

          My groomers do about 7 to 9 dogs per day. If big dogs, then 5 or so. I pay for all supplies except groom tools. And I pay fuel, obviously.


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            I have to agree with Dolly, I really hope your message says you won't be returning calls. Mine says I'm not taking new customers and because of that I don't get new people leaving messages.

            As far as the burnout? Yep, raise those prices and see who sticks.


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              Check out the Asian style hands free overhead dryers while your in Texas. I am assuming the company will be there because I think their base is in Texas. Could you see yourself putting something like that in your van? Now that I have changed my tub/table set up I know that is next purchase for me. I am always trying to make it easier on the dog and me. Good luck to you.


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                Thanks for the suggestions and answers.

                I will definitely be looking into the hands-free item.