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  • Drying Question

    I find myself wondering this recently, since I plan on going mobile someday- If you are working in your van and a dog acts terribly for the dryer, what do you do? I am curious.

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    Well what would you do in a shop?


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      I carry a small stand dryer. I have never had a dog afraid of a stand dryer.


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        In a shop if they act up I put them in a cage with a non heated dryer on them. Thanks for the reply dog5626. We have a stand dryer at work but it is a horrible one, so I guess I mentally blocked that idea. I forget there are good ones out there lol,


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          I have stand dryer, no one never get afraid of this one! But they often get afraid of my HV Dryer, so if they only can't stand the head I do the body and legs, then head, neck is done with the standing one!


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            In my experience, only a very small percentage get weird about the dryer.

            If they poop for it, I dry them in the tub all the way thru and save the rear for last.

            If they struggle and sit, I have a loop that goes around the waist that I use. It's brilliant.

            If they snap and bite at it, I take the nozzle off and see if they tolerate it better. I also have a couple of small but strong fans that I will blow on them while I'm drying the parts they tolerate.

            I also let first time clients know that often they don't like their heads being dried and the ears, chin and cheeks may be damp (for bath dogs).

            I will dart the dryer up to their heads frequently to get it dry.
            **Patience and trickery are great skills as a groomer in general and mobiler for certain. **

            You can also use products to help: Chris Christiansen's After U Bathe is a great conditioner that rinses easily and speeds up drying, also some sort of Quick Dry/Speed Dry spray, and standing them on a towel and hanging one behind them as you dry. I have a couple happy hoodies and use cotton in the ears to help muffle the sound. It seems to me that dogs are less likely to act up in mobile...I can think of 5 or so on my roster that are difficult, the others are fine.