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No more tired fingers pumping your bottles

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  • No more tired fingers pumping your bottles

    Anyone ever try a Flairsol sprayer? I LOVE THIS THING! My client/hairdresser friend showed it to me. I bought a couple from Amazon. One for my Quick Blow Dry, one for my Mink Oil.
    One or two (2 finger) pumps and you start a nice mist going. Great sprayer!
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    Will it spray anything oil based substance like Pet Silk? I would love to use something like that not only for my dematting spray but for the silk I use on my horses manes & tails which requires lots of pumping


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      It's worth the purchase

      Anything needing to be sprayed needs to be viscous enough to flow. Chances are that if it comes out of a spray bottle then it would work in this bottle. A couple of pumps lets out a nice even 2-3 second mist. Very even coating.


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        I picked up one of these bottles back in May after the NW Groom Expo. I love it! I keep meaning to pick up another so I can have one for my Best Shot mist and one for my Biogroom Indulge mist.

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          I find they spray way too much product for just scissoring small dog or most fluff dry dogs, though I guess I could simply adjust the dilution of product to compensate. Definitely is a nice fine mist. You can't control the account though, once you have pumped the handle it sprays till it's done.

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