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    I'm not new to grooming, 25 +, but am new to mobile grooming. Trying to find other mobile groomers in the Metroplex of Texas. Having a difficult time getting biz off the ground. I've been at it part time (mobile isn't consistent enough to quit job in vet clinic). I'd love to get some feedback. I've put out flyers, advertise on Craigslist, neighborhood websites. I travel pillar to post taking whatever, where ever to generate income. Mobile biz has been up about a year, I pull a trailer. [email protected]

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    How many pet owners have turned into repeats?


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      It would be awesome to see if a local paper would do an article on you like this one...


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        I would take my van by arrangement to special events. I see a mobile groomer at our farmers' market, jazz in the park and outdoor concerts, flea market lot, breed events open to public, rescue and humane society events.


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          We found Yelp to be quite helpful in getting our business started.

          DW was given 5 stars early on, and that made the phones come alive.

          It's a double edged sword though, as anyone can "rate" your business wether they've actually been a client or not.

          Example- one gal didn't like the fact that she couldn't get an appointment and decided to give a 1 rating.

          Overall regardless of the exposure you'll get it's typically more positive than negative and free to low cost.

          Good luck and good grooming!



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            Try Thumbtack to pick up clients.


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              I would want to know why anyone doesn't come back to me. It might be a kick in the butt but I will woman up and listen.


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                Do you have your clients email address?

                Send them out a survey of their experience doing business with them.