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Day with a mobile groomer

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  • Day with a mobile groomer

    I wouldn't be in competition with them in the future, I won't even go mobile a for awhile. Do you think I could ask a mobile groomer for this chance. Should I pay something?

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    Would t that be a lovely experience
    I wild probably go out of my own area to ask someone about s 'ride along', maybe even trying domeplace that runs numerous vans to se if they would be open to this. Then again their liability insurance may not allow it so you would need someone like Dolly from this forum as your source.
    Maybe posting on he Mobil thread?

    Yes, you should offer to compensate them. You are essentially asking for instruction - no matter what level or type- and they should have the opportunity to accept your offer or not.


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      I am mobile, What Chewie has suggested are good ideas. It's true some insurance plans won't allow anyone other that employees into the van, so you may need to contact someone who does not have this type of plan or will ignore the plan. You should have a list of requests / questions for the groomer. Things you are uncertain about regarding the whole mobile grooming service.
      I'd also suggest you get copies of Jody Murphy's first book or Ellen Erlich's first book, both explain "going mobile", different aspects you may not think of. I enjoy mobile over shop grooming, but it definitely isn't for everyone. If you live in a northern state area you'd need to be prepared for dealing with cold and snow.



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        I've had numerous groomers do a ride along with me, and I've enjoyed everyone of them. I try to get them involved in some of the grooming so they don't get too bored and get the feel of working in a smaller space. If they want to start up a business in my area, I would welcome them, since there is a real need for more mobile groomers everywhere. I usually get between 1-3 new client requests a week, all of which I refer to other groomers.....I'm booked out thru Dec 2016. If any mobile groomer asks for $$, I would walk away, after all, the ride along is already an experienced groomer, and just wants to observe how we work in a van.

        Happy helping fellow groomers...for free :>)

        Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC