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Trailer generator advice/ New van too expensive.

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  • Trailer generator advice/ New van too expensive.

    My sister wants to expand her mobile business and she wanted some advice. She priced out a new wagntails and got serious sticker shock. Her employees are real employees and so the profit margin in her words would "suck" . She is expanding and now looking at Hanvey trailers. She found a used one without generator for $6500. A truck to pull will cost 22-26k used.

    Here is the generator she is considering :Honda 3000EU $2000

    Is that enough to run a dryer and A/C at the same time? Will it vibrate the trailer? How does she keep it from being stolen??

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    There is a reason why trailers are not popular among groomers..........they are hard to maneuver and park in residential areas, due to space, mailboxes, driveways, curves, etc. They also need twice as much space than a traditional van. WGT uses a 6000 Onan generator, which will supply enough electric to run any and all items in the van, anything less and you will be having to turn off certain items to use others. If she lives in a residential area, having the trailer parked outside of a garage will be a target among thieves. With the vans, the generator is usually tucked in the side of the van and hard to move without immense strength, time and tools. You state that she is "expanding her mobile business"........what does she drive now and why would she need to expand, unless she is hiring another groomer??

    Happy sticking to grooming vans

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      No way will the 3000 power the dryer and AC. Depending on the dryer, that generator will be maxed out. Your options are plugging in the AC during the warm weather months and using the gen to run the lights, dryer and clipper.

      What about heating water? That takes as much power as a dryer if it's electric water heating. You could switch between dryer and "making" hot water.

      Dolly, you are overstating the issues with groom trailers. They actually are becoming more popular as groom vans become more expensive, plus they are not subject to high insurance like a fully built van. There are many trailers on the road here and have many advantages over vans. Example, van gets old and lots of miles, toss the whole van. With trailer, tow vehicle gets old, replace just that. The trailer will last many many years. Also a trailer can be dropped off after work and groomer has personal vehicle to take home. With a groom van, you need a second car.


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        That's what I run. No you can't run anything other then the dryer. But other then that it runs everything I need. Water, water heater, lights, clippers. I heat the water while in transit flip the breaker off for the water heater when I'm ready to run the dryer. I do not have an ac I open the back doors, side door, & vent stays rather cool. If I need to I run an oscillating fan. I live in ohio so I deal with lots of weather conditions in my trailer

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          Another thing I may add, if your sister is expanding her business, I would not advise putting a hired employee in a trailer towing situation. I would not take that risk. I have 5 employees and over 7 years we had one van totalled and another van got rear ended needing 10K in repairs. I had my share of headaches. I would never put my groomers in a tow vehicle. I only trust myself to tow a trailer on my city streets full of crazy drivers.