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Grooming out of state borders

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  • Grooming out of state borders

    Cockerluvr I used to live in Reno. Do you go over the border to Tahoe? Others, what do you do if you live in one state on the border and get calls over the border just moments away? Do you have to get other licenses and permits and file out of state tax returns

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    From what I heard if you work out of state, like just across the border, you would have to check with the county or state about a possible permit or license. Tax wise if you are collecting sales tax on services (rare but some groomers do have to) you have even more paperwork involved and need to register and file. I know I wouldn't want to have to do that. Business tax on income would be in your resident state.


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      Thanks I talked with a groomer that works across state lines today, What luck.