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Conversion of Mercedes 2500vs 3500

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  • Conversion of Mercedes 2500vs 3500

    Hello I'm looking to convert a new truck I. Currently have a 3500 Chevy box truck 70 gallon gray and dirty I probably only full up 60 it's fully equipped with a Honda 6500 generator

    I have never had weight issues basic good tires,minimal maintenance on truck yes sometimes mechanic say the tires/breaks wear and tear Often because of weight I pull but over all trucks pretty sturdy.

    For my new conversion I'm wondering if I should downgrade to 2500 Mercedes sprinter or if I should stick with the 3500 for gas saving purposes (weight pulling up hills) and maybe it will require less tire/break changes because of added weight.

    This truck will have batteries small 2500 generator 60 gallon fresh
    While driving into residence I saw an Aussie mobile grooming built on a 2500 dodge sprinter so I'm thinking it might be ok?

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    Bumping up for you, anyone able to help?


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      2500 is more than sufficient. You will be well below rated weight for either 2500 or 3500. Usually the difference is the suspension components, not the engine. The 3500 will have beefier suspension to carry higher loads. I know this is true for the Ram Promaster 2500 vs. 3500. I built on the 2500 like Wagn Tails and they build a heavier conversion than I do, probably by 100s of pounds.