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Where is the Beloved Spell Check??

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  • Where is the Beloved Spell Check??

    There use to be a spell check in the preview section? Am I missing it! Spell Check is my best friend!!

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    Stephen said it will be back soon. They are getting to it. So for now, our ignorace shows lol
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      I miss it too! I don't want to take a chance on making a maroon out of myself with my poor spelling LOL!!


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        Speal Chek?

        I can't wait for Speal chek!


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          In a previous post Stephen said that it will be back
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            Well for me everyone knows I can't spell now. Thanks Stephen..


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              We all knew that - no biggie!

              I, for one, can't wait for the spell check to come back too!!


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                same here

                I have been holding back quite a bit on posts because I will have to go back and spell check all the ones that were done with out.Sometimes I remember to run them through word perfect first but it is a pain and time consuming.Plus word does not like the way I speak one bit.There is no new jersey version of word and if there was they would need three sub types ,south ,central,and north.This state is like a tiny messed up country all on to itself.


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                  Spelling scares me...

                  I can't wait either. I think cat should be spelled [B]Kat[/B] and that of should be spelled [B]ov[/B].

                  So you can see that small words give me a lot of trouble so I bet it isn't a [B]surprize[/B] that big long words are hard for me also.

                  I will celebrate the day spell check is enabled.


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                    OK, get that programmer out of the hospital all well and pumped up with vitamins to help us poor spellers. LOL.
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