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  • I get a Little Nervous When.....

    I get a cock- a-poo that is 90% poodle with loose skin that was cut on the leg as a pup mand now forever afraid to be clippered etc. The dog is stiff or curls in a ball ancd the legs (front ) have that skin fold. I fear using a 7F but tho owner wants it short like a 7F, I think it would catch skin. I also use an Ivac w/ Clipper vac. Is a short snap on best w/ #40 under? They seem to make fur uneven when that close. How can it be done safely? Poodles always have such loose skin. Pull taught, but still worry. Or do without suction on? What is best way to go?

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    I do a CKC that one of my coworkers cut pretty bad their first visit. The lady wants a seven, so I just do a four backwards. Same length, and much less chance of a nick. (I don't use a clippervac though) so maybe you could do a 3 or 4 back?
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      How about you try either a 5, 4 or a 3 3/4 reverse clip with the Ivac? The 5 makes it as short as a 7 when used in this manner with less chance of catching the skin. I rarely ever use the 7 now....mostly only 5 reverse for summer shave downs. The 3 3/4 leaves a really nice short length. When I first stared grooming I caught the loose matted skin of a poodle in the teeth of the 7 and required stitches. That 7 can be dangerous!


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        I would pull it taut of course, and yes, I think at least for the legs you should turn off the suction. If you really are concerned you may want them to sign a form releasing you if they insist on you using a blade you think may cut the dog. Or you could refuse the groom, that's always an option.


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          I always thought the wide teeth be 5, 4, or 7F was the risk. Why is a 4 or 5 safer w/ wide teeth to catch skin close to upper leg? Is snap on safer? feel it may be.I have shaved very old loose-skinned lil poodles w/ 10s but she wants more than a 10. Why is against safer? I always use 7F cv against. most of my lil guys. Schnauzers nearly all the time.


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            The 7 blade is more dangerouse because of the combination of the wide teeth plus the proximity of the cutting is closer to the skin and hence, more likely to cause cuts than the 4,5, 3 3/4. I only know this because I asked the very same question.