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Would it be wrong to ask how much the usual payment on a gyphon is?

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  • Would it be wrong to ask how much the usual payment on a gyphon is?

    Would they tell me that if I emailed the company? or is that something I would only figure out once I went through a credit check and financing? I've been emailing a few trailer companies(not sure if I even emailed gyhpon yet) and they still havn't responded to my very simple questions about layout and the quality of the marterials used and even how long the warrenty would be or what happens when something breaks. Its been over a week to

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    Email them again, ask all the questions you did before and the most important, how much are the payments, how much does it cost.
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      I think for payments they would tell you but they need to know information about YOU first---are you going to put a down payment on it, what is your credit like etc...these things can make a difference in the payment amount, IF you qualify, that is. Or you can just find out the amount of a particular trailer and then do the math yourself. Ask them how long they usually finance for. Like our cars are often on a 36 to 48 month payment long is a gryphon trailer pmt. schedule?

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        I am sure Joe would, he is soooo accomodating. If you go to Hanvey's website and click on the vans, at the bottom they have an estimator. You enter how much you are borrowing and at the average %rate which you can find in the business section of your newspaper. This will give you your appoximate payment. It ended being within $18 of my van payment.

        PS- I bought a new car a few weeks ago and used it for that as well :-)
        Also, if you go through an RV company the payments are less.


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          Anything else I should ask in my emails?


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            I am sure that Gryphon can give you a good idea. Ask Joe anything and he will be honest with you. I am not sure if Joes has been at the computer. I know he was at an expo last weekend. Just call him that will be quicker.
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              The payments will depend on your interest rate and how much you put down and all that. I actually ended up getting a better interest rate and a high maximum on my credit card so on that trailer went! Nice thing is, the initial payments will be low, but as my biz builds, I'll put more into the payment. It's not a fixed payment.