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Follow up on Aussie w/sores on rump

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  • Follow up on Aussie w/sores on rump

    I went to see the dog. Would not get in van. Very matted rear and bitibg himself non stop. I just said ya know, this isn't going to work. I said a weight limit and he is much heavier than that. I just left with a little loss of income and driving expense. When I say no BIG dogs, I mean it. Next time I will either not return the call or just say no big dogs sorry and hang up. I'm not 24 like some of you.

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    I am right there with you on the weight thing. One thing I have learned is that if I have a funny feeling about a dog, there is something to it. Also, never break your own rules. You have them for a reason. Every time I have made an exception to my rules because of a sob story, it has not worked out and i regretted doing so in the end. Don't second guess yourself.


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      I can't do big dogs in the van either. Maybe in a shop that's equipped with a low tub and a hydrolic table, but definitely not the van.

      It just kills me when in my voice message I explicitly say small dogs ONLY, under 25 pounds, and I get the guy who thinks his uber heavy basset fits the "small" category because of the short legs! I had to laugh (to myself...not in his face) when I said he wouldn't fit in the tub. He didn't believe me, he looked in the van and sure enough...his dog was too long for the tub! Not to mention I could NOT lift that boy, he was HUGE. He would have been huge with long legs! Honestly, he must have weighed close to 75 pounds.


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        LOL bassets are like bulldogs...short and heavy! i believe bassets should weigh between 60 and 70 something lbs? not sure...was teh dog overweight? or just big?
        LOL good for you to have a smaller tub so the biggies wont fit haha.