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Do Most Of You Mobiles Have "Hold Harmless" Forms

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  • Do Most Of You Mobiles Have "Hold Harmless" Forms

    for your clients to sign? I used them last August and [people signed them but now looking over them see that many only had me that time. One good client w/ two tiny dogs ( you will see on my new website soon) has me regularly and books one or two in advance. I think it scares many off. I want them signed however as some dogs are just risky no matter how careful one is.

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    I'm interested to know if anyone's lawyer has told them whether they really do you any good or not. I am trying to figure out what to have my form say-- I'm thinking something at the end of the contact information sheet saying all this information is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the utmost care is taken to prevent any accidental injury or product reaction and by signing below, acknowledge that I am not entitled to any more than the costs incurred as a result.

    I don't know... I don't want to sound like I hurt dogs often (I don't!) but also want them to have signed something in case I get a nutty client.


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      Yes. I have one that my brother, a lawyer, developed for me. It does have a lot of scary sounding language that basically says if your dog gets hurt I am not held responsible even if I am responsible (in legal-ese). I too, was concerned at first. But, it is really a non issue. Everyone signs them. I have never had anyone not sign it. I have only had one or two people even question me about it. To them, I tell them it is a company policy and if they don't want to sign it I understand, but that I will not be able to service their pet. People understand that they have to sign these things these days. Not having something puts you in a precarious situation. True, these forms may not hold up and in someone is going to sue you, they are going to sue you. But....they may keep someone from being a real pain in your side. I have known a couple of groomers who thought "oh, I don't need one of those...all my clients are like family and it isn't necessary". They thought that until something went wrong. And sometimes things go wrong that are not the groomers fault in any way, but a grieving pet owner or a pet owner out for vengeance soon forgets that you are their "friend". It at least gives you an extra level of security. Operating without one is, in my opinion, risky.

      I did have one telephone inquiry about my services who declined AFTER I told them they would have to sign this form as well as my matted pet release form (normally I don't tell people about the form over the phone...but after talking with them about their needs I decided I would tell them about it.). They had a badly matted cat (by their own admission) and wanted me to "fix" it. I went into the spiel that I will do my best, cats in that condition are often not amenable to my actions and that if the cat was stressed or began showing signs of aggression I would stop and they may receive a cat that was not finished for which they would be still be financially responsible for paying at least a prorated charge and that i may or may not be able to finish at a later date. She got real bristly with me about that...arguing about possibly paying of only half a groom. This is when I told her about the form she would have to sign...releasing me from responsibility should the cat be nicked because of the dangers inherant with a matted cat and a close shave and then she says "WELL, if you are telling me I have to sign that form then maybe that tells me that fluffy isn't safe with you and I should probably find someone else that will ensure my cat is treated right!" I just said "yes maam, maybe you should. thank you, goodbye". I thought...hmm, I wonder why she wasn't so concerned with the treatment of her cat while it was becoming a matted mess?


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        One more thing

        Also, you can really make this into a bigger deal than it is by the way you present it. If you give it to them to sign and are all apologetic, or unsure of yourself they start to wonder what is up with that and may start to wonder if there is a bigger reason you are asking them to sign it. You just need to confidentally give it to them "here is my new client paperwork that I will need you to read over, complete and sign for me". Offer to let them keep a blank form for their records if they don't have a copier (many people's printers make copies these days).


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          fur, would you send me a copy? I want to somehat revise mine.


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            Yes, Please

            Could you post a copy so we can be sure we are safer? Thanks in advance


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              For legal reason, my brother has requested that I not share the specific form. I will give you the elements covered.

              1) the person acknowledges that they are the owner of the pet or is authorized by the owner to enter into agreement and they are requesting grooming services from your company
              2) The agreement will apply to all current and future services
              3) Payment is due when services are rendered or as otherwise defined by your company. if services cannot be completed due to pet's refusal or attitude, they will still pay you standard service call rate plus any prorated portion of grooming
              4) in the event of emergency while pet is under your care, or if special services are deemed necessary or advisable by your company they agree that they will pay in full for such services or will reimburse your company for any and all expenses (such services may include but are not limited to veterinary services, caretaking and transportation)
              5) They fully release, indemnify and agre to hold your company and all employees harmless with respect to any and all losses, damages, claims or causes of action in connection with any physical or psychological injury to the pet (including death) arising from or in connection with any pre-existing condition affecting this pet whether or not such condition is known (go on to define what a preexisiting condition includes - ie, nervousness neurosis, illness, malformation, previous injury.)
              6) They further agree that with respect to any other physical or psychological injury to this pet (including death) while under your care damages for such injury shall be limited to all amounts actually paid for grooming services to this pet.
              7) They agree that this agreement shall be construed under your state's law and that exlusive jurisdiction and venue for any dispute in any way connected with this agreement shall lie in your county, state
              This is just a sample of the elements covered in my release. You will want to consult your own legal advise for how to protect your own company and that will be based on the specifics of your business. Just putting one of these together yourself is not likely to afford you much protection, so legal consult is really to your benefit.


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                I spoke to a lawyer about one of these and they told me that they are not the paper they are written on. If someone wants to sue you they will end of story. It doesn't matter what they signed. If they can show just cause they will win. He told me not to waste my money. This is what I ways told and I am sure some here won't agree with me but I thought I would share what I was told. By all means contact a lawyer and ask but you may be surprised at what their answer is. I am just upfront and honest with my clients and I have never had a problem. If I go to someone house to groom their pet and the pet is severely matted I tell them upfront that there is a possibility of the pet getting cut but I will do my best not to do that. I find if you are upfront and honest people will accept your word.


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                  You are probably correct....

                  I know Barkleigh has lil forms but no hold harmless exactly. I think photo release forms hold up better than groomer forms. People do sign and don't even read them, but I also have not heard back from many....wonder iof they had second thought slater and went elsewhere w/ no release forms. I wonder what Stephen has to say on the subject. That too must be in the book.


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                    True if a person wants to sue it may not hold up. However, it may prevent someone who might cause trouble from doing so. In fact, I have used it a couple of times when people told me they thought I should pay the vet bill for something that I knew wasn't my an ear infection that I told the owner about but they did nothing until a month later and then decided it was my fault. Or a skin condition thaty they blamed on my shampoo...give me a break. After reminding these people about the form they signed, they both backed down. Maybe they would have anyway, but it sure helped.

                    There are a lot of things you can protect yourself from besides being sued. I don't know why people throw that excuse up...seems to me you would want something that might help. What is that saying about a penny wise and a pound foolish? Even in a law suit situation, if you have your ducks in a row and things are not clear cut, that form could be the thing that pushes in your direction. Why do you thing drs offices have you sign these forms? It isn't because they know they won't hold up in court.


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                      I will never see my $551.00 again

                      I signed on the dotted line for weight loss and got no help just sales pitches to buy their overpriced ****. I have lost more on my own doing WW plan without the weekly visits. I know I can't sue them cuz I signed. I am sickmover the bill I mhave to pay on my credit card for NOTHING!I know these places prey on the chubbies, yet I elected to give it a try. Big lesson learned. I have to DIE to get some of the money back says the contract!Or, I could move to Mars where they have no facilities. Oh, wait I think one is opening up there too on a nearby space station!!! They are everywhere it seems. I think it couold deter mean spirited people.