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  • Housecall advice?

    Im not sure if this is where this topic belongs but, Ill give it a shot.

    I will be buying a car sometime this summer, and I was interested in doing housecall grooming. I have about a thousand dollars for supplies and such. Is this enough? And what supplies will I be needing? I understand the basics.. but does anyone have any advice as to which brands are better for housecalls? How big the table has to be or not be. Things like that. Oh, and with housecall grooming, how do you bathe the dogs? In the shower with an attachment? I saw a portable tub in PetEdge, but im unsure as to how that works.
    Also, does a housecall groomer need to have any insurance or any of the legal stuff? What if I nick a dog? What happens then? Or if a customer claims I gave her dog blah? How do housecall groomers handle this stuff? I will be keeping the job I have now, and I signed a contract saying basically that I wont be doing any other grooming within ten miles. Does this count?Any advice is appreciated. I wont be starting until September, but im so excited.

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    lots of questions.

    Doubt I have answers for all. But size of table depends on size of dogs you will do. Many only groom small dogs, and often I do large dogs from the floor. I have a heavy one for safety. I bath in sinks, tubs, showers. I have the Bathing Beauty so I don't care about their hoses or water pressure. You could get enough stuff for that thousand, but as you said it would be part time, as if full time one needs money till the volume is there. I have liability and equipment insurance from Gibson Govenor.

    Don't know about the 10 miles. I suppose legitimately if you didn't groom any dogs within 10 miles you'd for sure be safe, but some people might say your base is further than 10 miles.
    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.