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    I already have insurance on the van, that was required when I bought it... but I was looking for additional insurance (liability, work interruption, etc.) I got a quote for all that and several other coverages from Gibson (they included auto coverage though I didn't ask for it) that is $5 less per month than what I'm paying just for auto coverage... but I thought my quote from state farm was great (it was half what progressive quoted... and right around $100/month). Is this too good to be true??? I've heard Gibson will drop you if you claim, which sucks, but I can't see paying double for insurance I may never use anyway?? ARRG-- you'd think a good quote would be a good thing but now I'm stressed with making a difficult decision.

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    I have Gibson and had to file a claim on my A/C unit after I drove under something shorter than the A/c and wiped it out. They did not raise my rates any higher than their normal annual increase from previous years. I have found it terribly difficult to get anyone else to offer anywhere near comparable coverage. When comparing, always take the disclosure sheet that lists what coverage is offered and what is being charged for that coverage. It really isn't a comparison unless you are truly comparing like with like.


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      I am not sure why you would think twice about getting total coverage for less cost. Traveller's will not drop you for one claim. They will drop clients for frequent claims, as will any other insurance company. I love the assurance of dealing with a company that understands our business and the exact coverage that we need.


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        I got all that and a bag of chips from the John Glover agency and it was cheaper than Gibson. Give them a call.
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          The insurance Quote I got from GG was not through Travelers, but Hartford? I think... Am I the only one? Maybe they are switching?

          Anyway, my State Farm agent basically said she couldn't compare to their quote and I should go with them.

          Stephen: Based on my eperience in many states State Farm did NOT include professional liability (malpractice) or fleeing pets, so just ensure you are getting that coverage in your area. Both Travelers and Hartford have LONG been providing coverage to groomers but coverage availability varies by region.


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            My Gibson Insurance- auto/business is through the Hartford. I had a $10,000 claim and my insurance has already been put up for renewel. They did not drop me. As others mentioned, cheaper is not always a deal. If you don't have the coverage you need you've wasted alot more money than paying more for the right coverage.
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              Thank you all so much for your help!

              I have a quote coming from Glover and if it doesn't beat Gibson, I will be going with them.

              Jay at Glover did explain in detail how he set it up covering your equipment separate from the van (even what's attached) so that you would actually have enough coverage if something happened. I was very impressed with them and thought they were really looking out for your best interests... but we'll see if they beat Gibson for me, I think it would be difficult to do!


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                Gibson won't cover me. I told them what county I lived in and they said "too close to the water" EXCUSE ME but I'm over an hour from the water and near the height of the 2nd highest waterfall in my state! NOT a happy camper. I went with John Glover.


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                  california insurance

                  When I started mobile I was paying $2300 a year. Got a new client who is in insurance (state Farm) with the liability, trailer, work truck and two personal vehicles I am now paying LESS than I was paying just for the business....... I am in California, if you want his info PM me...