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    i have a WNTvan and my HV dryer runs hot, anyone have this problem? at first i thought it was from the sun beating down on the back window, but i had shades put on the windows and it still runs hot, it ran so hot these past few days the conecter melted and now is deformed, i have to get a new one.I know this is not normal,so what can be going on?
    any feedback , would be greatly appreciated.

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    The HV dryers should not have a heating coil.....

    They should get heat from the motor. Your motor must be overheating. careful FIRE. Very odd. Kool dry is warm. The air in van may be hot these days. My A/C keeps air 78 or cooler in hi cool. It does seem to be warmer air in hot weather, in past years. This is second Summer w Kool Dry I got last August. No place is hotter than Az in JULY/AUGUST.I would get it checked before you have a fire.


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      When was the last time you changed the brushes on the motor? It sounds like you need a tune up and or brush change. The dryer will catch on fire without the proper maintenance. Careful!


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        road rover

        Try running the dryer from a suitable outlet in a garage and see if it gets too hot on an alternate power suply to isolate it being the dryer or not. You'll probably need brushes after it ran up to a hot enough temp to melt the hose connection. The enamel magnetic wire coatings on a electric motor have a finite break down temperature.The coating becomes soft with heat and can allow the motor to short out if the stator or armeture wire loses it's insulating properties.
        The extra heat also eats up brushes faster.Makes a mess out of the comutator by cutting deep ridges where the brushes touch the motor.sending a nice amunt of graphite dust all over the windings and adding to the heat build up because it (graphite dust) is a or will act as a thermal insulater preventing the motor windings from cooling.The motors will run slower as they get hotter requiring more energy to make them run adding to greater amounts of heat so it escalates untill failure (poof).
        The symptom is the heat,unless you can figure out if the probelm is in the dryer or a lose wire connection on the van side or the climate is just too hot to run the dryer the probelm will happen again.
        Have you asked wagon tails?


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          Hot dryers

          Some HV dryers do have heat...a K9II and III do for sure. Doesn't matter if you are mobile or not. Sometimes those dryers get really hot , it doesn't help if the air is already hot, is going "in" the dryer. Like MustLuv said, the Kool dry only uses ambient air, but if the air is hot the dryer will be blowing warm air.

          At the shop I'm doing some relief work at, same thing, all they have are K9II and III and those babies do get HOT, sometimes just too hot to handle the hose! and this in a AC shop...

          Be sure and check the dryer for hair. even back in the back compartment, you can still have hair buildup, taht's usually what will make a dryer run hotter than normal...DH worked at Ryan's and you wouldn't believe the hair inside the canister around the motors they'd find in some of those K9 dryers, even the mobile be sure and check that dryer. If it still runs hot, (with normal use) I'd get a pot holder, mitten style, I guess. Heck I may have to with the ones I'm using!


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            Mine runs hot as well. Not sure if it is as hot as yours, but I too had an issue with the connecter either melting or tearing or something. I even have a new dryer and it runs just as hot as the old one. I have to sometimes hold the nozzle with a towel...especially when I put it under my arm. I do think warmer weather has an impact, tho it did also run hot in the winter...not as hot. I would get it checked out for safety tho.


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              I use the Airmax, but did not know until looking at a website today that it ran 60 degrees above room temp! Wow.


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                Me Too

                yeah Mine runs hot as well. las summer when i took vacation i sent the dryer to be looked over by the k9II peeps and they changed brushes and cleaned it up and all that and said all was well. I got it back and it still runs hot. so i think it runs hotter int he summer because of the hot air going into the dryer so i keep that window in the back open to help. but it doesn't matter it still gets hot. but not hot enough to melt anything. I wrapped the end with vet wrap cuz those little metal things get HOT. OUCH. anyway the vet wrap has started to get icky so i have to change it.