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One of those crazy days

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  • One of those crazy days

    At least these kind of days don't happen very often, but today was wack.
    First client, two Cavalier King Charles, always very sweet good dogs, except the male has lost the use of his rear quarters so he's always smelling a little like pee and it's a job and half supporting him and getting him washed. Today the girl was extremely matted, never like that before, so I had decided to just talk to the owner and not charge for dematting this time. Well, when I went back there was a note to lock up behind myself, and the check. Not a problem except she underpaid me by $5. "Gee," I think to myself, "SOME people actually TIP rather than short the groomer!" I left her a note to catch me next time.

    Okay, so off to groom number two, an easy old Cairn. Let myself into the house, owner forgot to leave the check. I had spoken to her the night before, so I really thought she'd remember this time. Oh well, it's been about a year since she forgot and she's always good for it, but still. Annoying.

    Running a tad early! Su-weeet! Until ... Road Work Ahead. Darn ... 10 minute drive between houses now took closer to a half hour. Oh well, I can skip lunch and get caught up.

    Wow! This ornery old Cairn I've been doing since I started out (he was my very second paying customer!) decides he's going to be good for me! He's never good! I mean, I am very happy about this, but it's just proof that this day is completely bizzaro.

    No worries, get to my next stop, owner tells me she bathed one of the dogs last week so I only have to groom one. She really ought to know better as she's had to pay my no show fee before. I told her I still had to charge her my $25 no show fee because had she mentioned it when I called to remind her last night about the appointment I would have put another dog on my schedule. She apologized, payed the fee PLUS tipped me $20 -- for another $25 I could have just done the other dog -- he sheds really bad and I know her bath and my groom would be worlds of difference in amount of hair around the house. I expect a call in a couple of weeks asking me to get him into the schedule early.

    Last stop went just fine. Elderly Shih Tzu, easy clip and a hot oil treatment.

    So you know I have to be spoiled rotten by pretty good clients and hardly any no shows if this is a "bad" day for me!


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    LOL, Meesh. I can't wait till one of my "bad days" looks like this! Inspirational, as always!


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      Good Day!!

      Thanks for more inspiration!! Meesh. do you also have a policy agreement you have everyone sign? And if you do, do you have them read it over and sign it while you're grooming the dog? Just wondering. I'd like to see what your view is on this since you've been doing so good!


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        I suppose I really should, but I just go over everything orally at the first groom. Horribly matted dogs I have them sign a release form and I take lots of photos, before, during, after to document skin condition. My no-show/last minute cancelation policy is clearly written on the appointment card.

        I follow up each new groom with a postcard that says basically, "I enjoyed meeting you and working with Sir Fluffanut. He really enjoyed his bath, and I look forward to seeing you all again next time. Please feel free to call me with any concerns, questions, schedule changes." Obviously it's worded slightly differently for each job.