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Lazy susan grooming table question

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  • Lazy susan grooming table question

    Does anyone use those lazy susan grooming table and where do you buy them I saw one in a catalog a while back and forgot which catalog it was in.Also how much do they run?

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    I use this one...

    ... and I absolutely love it. I have room to store it under my bathtub when I'm not using it.

    PetEdge also had a pink one now that is much less expensive.


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      I know that petedge has it for around $60. I am curious about these because I am short with short arms, and any help would be appreciated.


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        This one in PetEdge is only $30 but I don't have any experience with it...


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 heavy is the southeasternpetproducts lazy susan compare to the one in PetEdge...if you happen to know I ask because they say the one in PetEdge is made of particle board (lighter) and southeasternpetproducts is real plywood (heavier)

          Also, PetEdge is a smaller diameter and, the one from southeasternpetproducts apparently can lift up to 6" (if I remember correctly).



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            Hmmm, I don't know exactly how heavy the southeastern one is, I'll have to weigh it to be sure, it's not lightweight though but of course it's light enough for me to lift from the floor to the table several times a day if necessary... you could also call southeastern if I don't get to weighing it within the next couple of days ...

            and it is about 6" high so I like that because my Hanvey Elevator table only goes to 35" so the little dogs can be raised higher ( I'm short too, only 5 feet tall)


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              Lazy Sue

              Howdy, well, I use one, no make that 2...OK make that several...

              I tried one of the Edemco modles, but it died...the weld on the underside of the table came undone.

              So it was back to my old originals...which I like better anyway.

              I've used a LS table for over 10 thing for increasing speed, IMO. no more having to turn a dog, just turn the ask will the dog stay put? You bet they do, once they find out that table moves they stand still!

              Now my table that I like (well several) all are free wheeling...yes my big table base is also a LS, but on a 12 position locking unit. I've used a 24" LS for years, but now have a 27 inch all rhino lined, boy is that a great table. I just set it on a normal table top. I use it in the rig for every dog (yes a standard Poodle fits) and when I go into a shop as a relief groomer I take it along, I'm helping out a friend and I just set it on the 36 in table. I use a LIPS system too, so I just position the loop in the center.

              In fact I am way too spoiled, I need my LS or I can't groom! Well, I guess you could say I like my toys, I can say the same about a lot of other "toys" too. But groom without my LS? No way.

              I have lots of shots of the table on my web site, almost all of the small dogs (on the round colored pad) are on my LS table...well the 24" one. Some of the mobile shots are of the 27 inch before it cot it's yellow duck (color)Rhino lining top. I use a Yoga pad, for the comfort of the dogs, and to keep feet from slipping. (the RL is a little slick, but makes for a nice clean-up.

              To make a Lazy sue top, go to Home depot, or Lows (that kind of a store) purchase 2 rounds (pre-cut) one 18 inches for the base and a 24" for the top.

              the Lazy Sue ball earing thingy needs to be purchased at Ace Hardware , (hint Home depot and Lowes has no idea what you are talking about) you'll need the big one at 12 inches (it is usually less than $15) ...then when you put it together do it upside sown, as you will need to drill a hole in one side or the other to be able to screw things together and, you can replace the unit when the bearing go bad, usually after a few years of hard use...

              I know, sounds complicated, but it's a snap once you get it done, and so much cheaper! Covering the table top is easy, you can glue a ribbed top or whatever floats your boat...I like the Rhino top for easy clean up.

              You can also put legs under the base to raise the table, this works super if you need the little dogs up higher...

              I guess I'm more of a do-it-yourself kind of person...


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                I'm so impressed with your web page... you've thought of everything. I'm more of a pay someone else to do it kind of person, lol!!! I saw you bathing more than one dog at once, what do you do with the extra while you are drying one?


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                  Bathe 2 , dry 2...same time! A lot of my AZ clients had 2, and as long as they were small, both together, dry together, but I might not finish together. Finish 1 then the other...

                  My 2 st.Poo girls had a routine, only 1 on the table at a time, and in the bath, but they basically got done together...Bria was the first on the table, then to the bath, the minute I took her off the table foa a bath, Bella would hop up on the table and wait. then Bria was put on the floor in a pile of towels to lay next to the heater/blower vent, and Bella got her pre-work and bath, well Bria would hop up on the table as soon as I put Bella in the tub...they had their system. It worked well for the girls and me.


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                    Thanks for the great tips on making one azoci!


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                      You are welcome. Any problems just let me know...I am way to spoiled with having used one for so many years!