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Nebraska Mobile groomers?

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  • Nebraska Mobile groomers?

    Are there any mobile groomers from Nebraska on this board? I would love to chat with you. I have so many questions...

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    That's where I am opening mine... are you in Nebraska??


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      I am in the fremont area, I have a doggie bakery/diy/salon here already, but I would really love to add mobile. I owned a mobile company in florida and really miss the mobile part of grooming. I am just questioning the area, lots of farm dogs and such. Have you done any research on doing mobile in your area? How soon are you going to start? Yay, I am so excited to finally talk to someone in my area and with similiar plans is just awesome....


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        I hope I didnt offend you...

        I am just so used to Florida, I guess. The mobile groomers there have get-togethers about every three months and there was a smaller group of us that went out every I dont mean any harm I just would like some one to chat with about grooming, Im sure since you are in Omaha you will have lots more people to offer your service to since I am in fremont, I figured I would go to the smaller towns to the west and north, but they are mostly farming towns, so I didnt know how well that would go over. Anyway, I just wanted to appologize if I have done anything to offend you.


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          Hi PetGroomer82- I grew up in Lincoln. My sister lives in Oakland just north of you. Fremont is a nice little town.

          Do you have a website? My sister has a cockerx that I groom when I go visit but I dont get there as much as I like and the poor dog needs done more often.
          She dosent like the groomer in her area, I think in West Point.



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            yes I do have a website...

   checked out your site...awesome grooms and very nice shop, I love the green poodle. Were you a groomer in lincoln or was that before you became a groomer?


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              You didn't offend me, Gabby. This is Kelli, you don't remember me? I don't really have much advice to offer-- since I haven't started my business yet. That's why I didn't respond. (And I lose these threads-- there's got to be a better way to keep track!) I'm hoping to get it going by the end of the summer, though. I went to your website, sounds like a really neat shop! If I ever get to Fremont, I'd love to visit. I actually live in Yutan (just south of there). I was grooming out of my house for awhile and still do a couple peoples' dogs, but I got burned more than once and decided I don't like these small town people. :P

              I wish we could get a Nebraska groomers group together, but I swear most of these groomers are enemies of each other-- a lot of these groomers go way back and know one another. Yuck... it annoys me everytime I go to a shop to talk to the groomers and all they can do is talk about all the people I've worked with that they don't like.


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                oh good...

                I was worried, I know what you mean about the groomers around here being enemies....I am in the process of setting up a groomers-get-together. It should be fun...Are you the same kelli that worked at the vet clinic on dodge? Sorry my memory Can I ask you what kind of van you ordered? I have been looking at the sprinter for a while...I figure if Im gonna go into debt anyway, I might as well do it right,lol. I will make sure I invite you to our get-together. If you have any ideas about what you'd like to see/hear/learn at a get-together let me know, I figure we will have one just to get to know everyone and see how much interest there is, do you know Jennifer, she lives in council-tuckey, but works somewhere in Omaha, she is helping me come up with ideas too. Anyway, thanks for getting back to me...ttyl.


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                  yes, I groomed in Lincoln as well, but that was a long time ago. I've been in grooming for 12 years now. Owned my shop for 6. I was a vet assistant before I turned groomer. Learned at the clinic I worked at. Loved it.

                  Next time I come to see my sister, I am coming in to meet you. I hope you dont mind. My sis does her grocery shopping and walmart shopping in Fremont so i will tell her to stop by and check you out.


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                    Fremont has a Walmart? Holy ****, where have I been. Haha...

                    No, I don't know Jennifer, where does she work? I worked on Dodge, yes. Wasn't there very long though, and I think the clinic is now an Emergency clinic... I don't know if Fink still works there or what. Most of my time in Omaha has been at Bark Avenue.

                    Angie, did you work at Nebraska Animal Medical Center... what did they used to call it........ arg... Forney!

                    Anyhoo... I bought a Sprinter. You aren't kidding with the debt. I debated on a Trailer for a long time. It sounds like Gryphon is worth looking into. Might be good for you if you're going to manage so many things-- when will you rest, girl?? Can't live in Nebraska without good gas mileage, though, lemme tell ya. You can see my van when I get it.......... I'm hoping for the end of July, but who knows what Hanvey is hoping for. oh, it seems so far away but there so much to do before then!


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                      Yes, I did work at Forney's. I loved Dr. Fink!
                      Did we used to work together?
                      When I visit Lincoln I drive right past the clinic but never stop in. I would love to but its been so long, dont know if any of the "regulars" are still there.


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                        I never worked there... I grew up in Lincoln though, started grooming there. I kind of knew of who worked where, even though nobody knew me.


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                          Thoses are actually the two that I have been bouncing between a gryphon trailer and a sprinter...I bet you are so excited...As far as me resting, Im not worried about that, I work in my shop 7 days a week right now, I have to stay busy or else I let everything fall apart and start hanging out with the wrong people. I dont know if I am being impatient, my mom says yes, but I have about 100 clients since 3/07 and I am just trying to get busier faster. I cant stand this waiting stuff and I think I am going batty being in a basement. I miss being mobile, atleast then I could drive around getting the word out and go meet with vets and stuff....I dont know...

                          Anyway, if ya'all are ever in fremont, stop by and see me, like I said Im here everyday, all And I would be so thrilled to talked to other groomers.


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                            I am just up the road from you!!!

                            Hi Guys, I really wondered if there were any other groomers in the NE/IA area cuz you never see any of them on a board. My name is Janna & I live in South Sioux City, NE and have a shop in Sioux City, IA. Most of the groomers in this area do seem to be a tad bit snarlly to each other. Why, I really do not know but.... I would like to talk about my day once in a while to someone who can relate to my career for what it is & not "Oh, you must have such a fun job playing w/the puppies all day" Do not get me wrong, I love my job but, it is so much more then playing all day long!!!!! I would also like to get to know some other groomers around me that would maybe, someday, like to check out a grooming convention. I so wanted to go the the one in Kansas City a couple of months ago but I hate being by myself. I am by myself alllllllll dayyyyy at work & the dogs do not speak very good english!! Any of you every dream about going to Hearshey (Groom Expo) I do every year!!! Maybe someday. Lucky you getting a van. I have dreamed about that too for a few years but just do not know. Right now I am think of opening a second shop & do 3-4 days a week @ one & 3 at the other. I must be crazy!!! Well that is all for now, hope to talk to you soon, Janna


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                              I've been to Kansas City but am taking this year off to save money for the business, next year I am definitely going so if you want a roomie for Hershey, count me in!!!

                              There is an Iowa Groomer's Association that has competitions and stuff. I saw they are having a seminar in August but looks pretty simple-- scissors, speed, etc. Have you checked those out?