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  • land line question

    Do some of you quit answering the phone in the evenings?My business is taking off now but my phone dosen't stop ringing all evening I had a call at 10 last night so my question is do you let the machine pick up after hours?and what about your days off? Thanks Robin

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    I wouldn't answer the phone after 6pm, or on my days off. Turn your ringer off, or unplug it. ;-)


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      I let the phone ring whenever I don't feel like answering it, be it during business hours when I am home for whatever reason, or after hours. I usually never answer on Saturday unless it is a regular client. Actually, I rarely ever answer it unless it is a regular customer. I like to listen to the message they leave so I can be prepared. Generally, people calling on Saturdays have proven to be people who want me to come out right that day. Not bloody likely! If it is ringing too much, turn off the ringer. Everyone gets time off!


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        We use a cell phone that the other co-owner takes with her, but we do not answer it when we aren't at the shop. We only answer during shop hours. She has her friends/family numbers on a seperate ring so she knows if to answer or not. We feel if it was a line in our shop we wouldn't be there to answer it anyways, so why should she when she's at home.


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          I don't ever answer my business line. I am out all day grooming, so of course I don't hear the phone ring. When I come home, I listen to all the messages, keep a note book of them, and then make my confirmation calls and return calls. I also would like to be prepared. Before returning calls for appointments I want to look at my book and make a mental note of when I would be available in their area. If I answered phone calls as they came, I fear that I would be pushed into booking a poor schedule.

          Also, we, as mobile groomers are entitled to our time off at the end of the day and our days off. Phone calls, unless emergency situations can wait.
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            Answer my phone always

            I have a cell and answer my phone always - up until 9PM some evenings. My customers know they can call anytime. I do prebook 75% of my regulars, but some people do like to call after dinner in the evenings to schedule. I dont answer when I am driving, but as soon as I get home or pull over - yes, I answer. Ive gotten some of my best clients by answering the phone at 7PM in the evenings. They're amazed that someone picked up, but ever so grateful that I (as well as them) are fed, relaxed and ready to talk business.

            Answer your phone on your days off - it may be several hundred dollars just waiting for you to 'pick up'.


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              I sometimes don't get home until 6 or 7 pm and most of the time I don't return messages until I get home. My outgoing message states that I will return calls as soon as possible but will usually be after 6 pm and also states that should they prefer to call me back rather than leave a message, I will answer calls up to 9 pm. I will NOT answer the phone after 9 unless I know who it is and it is a personal call I actually want to take.

              I have a few clients that work pretty odd hours and often the only chance they get to call and leave a message is in the wee hours of the morning, they fully expect to get the voice mail and the one time I did answer (I was out of town and actually had the phone by the bed for the alarm as usually I leave the phone far away from my bedroom) They felt totally horrible that they called at 3am. It was a client that has been with me for 9 years, I was not at all upset with them as I knew their work schedule and fully understood. I just explained that they just happened to catch me while out of town for a dog show otherwise I would never have been near enough the phone to have heard it and they would have gotten voice mail. After that though I do turn it to silent for the ringer if I am having the phone near the bed for an alarm. LOL


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                I don't answer calls. I listen to the messages and return them throughout the day when I get a bread from grooming, and I mention that on the message. I have a young daughter, so the ringer is turned off in the evenings.