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    I have a very large tub in my trailer but no rack or anything for shampoo, etc. The other day I found a plastic carrier with a handle on it in the horse care section at TSC. It has several sectioned parts and is tall enough to hold tall bottles, wide enough that it does not tip over. I store all my stuff in it that I use on practically every dog...shampoo, cologne, spray conditioner, ear cleaner, ear powder, eye drops. Its all there in one place, yet moveable and I can put it on the counter or leave it in the tub.

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    My trailer did not have shampoo racks either, so I bought the metal ones at KMart that have the suction cups and I had my dad drill holes and screw them into the wall. I have 3 of them and it is still not enough lol. I want to have enough for 30 different shampoos lol. I have been mixing smaller amounts of shampoo, so that I only have enough to do 1 or 2 dogs then I am not wasting. I have that caddy for my ear cleaner and cologn and such.
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      Hi have a plastic CokeaCola bottle holder(without dividers)...found it along side of the road, made a u-turn to retrieve it. It hold all kinds of stuff that I just gotta have at tub side! I don't have any cupboards tall enough to put a bottle in, unless it's a little squashy 5 inched tall...not too many of them out there. So this bin, basket, rack, works for me. OH it's red, too. It rides in the tub, then I just slide it to the counter top while I have a dog in the tub. Maybe not the best choice, but seems to work for me.


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        I bought a Kitchen zutensil holder (actually the one from Pampered chef) it hold everything and then some.