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  • Dryers?

    Just wondering what kind of hv dryers everyone uses? Do you like them/recommend them? Something that doesn't pull too many amps? I've got a groomobile, not sure just how powerful I can go.

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    I have a k911 not sure how many amps it pulls.I have a Wagntails that has a 7000 onan genie.I can run the hv along with the air conditioner with out any problems.


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      I have the Double K airmax and I love it. Dries most dogs pretty quick, but It does pull the amps.
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        I have a K-9 II. Haven't had a chance to see how it works in my trailer yet, cause it's STILL NOT DONE!! (Arrrrggghhhh!) Anyway, I LOVE the dryer! Pretty purple one. It works great too. Hope this helps.


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          I use the Hanvey Hi-V with booster. I LOVE the force but I also love just using the booster for fluffing. Very versatile dryer. The K9II is great but I am not sure what your powersource is, so check that because the k9 pulls some mega amps.


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            I also prefer and use the K9II, but is does pull a LOT of amps. It uses 17 amps and is why if plugging into a clients elec, you should always plug to a 20 amp outlet as it will blow the circuit breaker on a standard 15 amp household outlet.

            I know that there are several out on the market that do claim lower amp use, but since I totally love my K9II and have no interest in changing, I never paid enough attention to remember the names. I believe that some of the supply catalogs list not only CFM but amp usage as well.


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              Kool Dry

              I use my Kool Dry as my only dryer in my grooming trailer. It pulls 9 amps and I've never had a problem using it with other tools.

              However...I would like to get something that is 'hotter' for the winter. I usually open up my fantastic fan when I'm drying in the winter, and the Kool Dry does seem to require the room temp be higher for a faster dry.

              I believe you said you are in the Peninsula, SFBay. So super cold temps like we get here in Central Oregon aren't an issue.

              It sounds like the K9II is the way to go for me.... Maybe I'll just get a 2nd dryer for winter.


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                I've been working in a shop until I can build up some clientel in my mobile (trailer STILL not done!!) and we use a K-9 II there also. It does have a little warm air if I remember, so using it in cold weather should be fine.


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                  Just wanted to comment that I used to own a K9II and recently sold it and bought a K9I and I wish I had bought that from the beginning. If you do mostly small dogs, the K9II is just too powerful! The K9I is powerful but not blowing the dogs off the table, plus is way easier to carry around (that sucked with the k9II)!! I don't know the amps difference, but I urge you all to try it if you haven't.


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                    The K9-II came in the grooming van when I bought it, but before I got that I used the Master Blaster and loved it. I still have it as a back up if the other every dies on me. I like the fact that it has two speeds. Not sure what the AMP usage is but I used it in the house all the time and never blew any circuits.