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Leaving minimum price on phone script...

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  • Leaving minimum price on phone script...

    I am updating my phone script this morning, leaving my typical wait time for first-time clients as well as my minimum price, pet size limit, and city limits served.

    During the Memorial Day weekend I must have received a dozen or more calls of people in 'desperate need' because they hadn't groomed their [you name it] in a year or more. Oh and they also wanted a $25 or less groom and lived 10 miles out of town (duh!)

    So...I've never left my minimum price on my greeting before, though everything else is pretty much typical for me. Anyone else doing this with good or bad results?

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    I have left minimum price

    Ya know, people don't even listen! I say sizelimit too and they say they have a shepherd or some moose. I do think it can weed out the cheapos a bit. At the moment I do not have a price mentioned cuz then they also fpcus on the lower in case dog is a disaster. Try it and see, you can always change it.


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      My thought is the people will hear the min price and exspect you to do there never brushed, 200#, 6 year old, Dosent bite, he just likes to "hold" your leg, Pyrenees Newfidoodle for "that" price.. because "you said you charged £XX"


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        Worth a try!

        I have considered doing the same thing but don't have the need yet. I think you will have problems with some people regardless of what you can't make it simple enough for some people. I would state it as "our service area covers such and such territory, for pets up to whatever size and prices for basic grooming on small breeds starts at $xx"

        Like someone else posted, you can always change it later if you decide it isn't working for you.


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          It doesn't matter what you say on your message because no one listens or they think they are the exception to whatever policy you may have. I state where I am accepting new clients, but I get calls from out of my area all the time. I mention a 3-5 week wait for new client appointments, I still get calls wanting same day grooms. I don't mention any prices because there are too many variables for one thing, and the clients I am after price is not their main consideration.


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            I would not bother putting your prices on there either. I told a lady that cockapoos start around $xx and she just handed me a check. Well, her dog is 3 times the normal size. Hello, caugh up some more dough. People just don't listen.
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              Another consideration is that if you state a starting price they hang up if they think it is too much. You don't get to sell yourself or service. A lot of people where I am don't have a clue to what mobile is all about and usually I am able to "sell it" even if it is more than what they thought they would pay.
              Just a thought!
              What does a dog do on it's day off?


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                In my experience people don't really pay attention...they just ask anyway...
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                  I do list my starting rate, and word it this way: "...grooming rates are based on type of service and start at $XX per pet..." I don't mind if people are price shopping and don't want to bother asking what they get. I am booked out 4 weeks solid right now, and ALL my business is referral based. It saves me phonecalls to return each night! When I call them back, I give a price range after asking: last groomed? matted? size? temperment? desired service? (I ask professionally and politely, not just shoot it at them as typed above, hee hee.) I have new clients taking their pet to a salon before my next opening and scheduling me for their NEXT groom, just to get in...I am one very blessed girl right now, let me tell ya!


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                    "But on your phone message you said you'd groom my chow chow for $35. That's false advertising!" :P

                    People only hear the minimum price and think the price is the ONLY price, lol. It's called selective hearing, and I have it too.

                    Tammy in Utah
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                      Well, after one day...

                      Well, after one day I had only one message to return and the client knows what to expect for his longhaired dachsund. My phone did ring several other times, but no need to return calls and hear only a GASP on the other end.

                      I'll give it a go for a few more days Thx everyone


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                        I don't have any prices on my number or anything it just says if you would like to make an appointment please leave your information. But I have my prices on my website, so when people ask me if I don't know I will tell them to look up their breed on the website. It says at the top of the page that the price is for dogs in reasonable condition. Then I put trip fees depending on how far it is.