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What's An Inverter?

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  • What's An Inverter?

    Sorry if that's a dumb question, but I honestly don't know. I'd like to revamp my van...wondering what that is. TIA!

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    Curtis or Doug can help out on this one. But basically it is a power source that runs off a bank of batteries that you charge overnight. No generator needed.
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      There is a great thread/topic at the beginning of Mobile and learn, there are good thing on both sides. I personally have an Inverter, with batteries. I like it better than a stinky generator, which in my re-vamped Antique RV, there was no room for. You can see photos of my set up on the albums page on this board or go to my web site, lots of photos there.


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        Call Gary Miller

        He can tell ya better than anyone on this board can. He installed mine in my first conversion as private email mentioned .Phone number in the PM I sent you.Trace inverter weighs about a heavy 40lbs. A/C uses a lot of power but in Bay area you can have it separate and plug in someones' house on those hot days. Gary has all the answers for you.Tell him Jane from Arizona sent you. He did my van as first grooming van. He will know, I talked to him a few months ago.So lucky to be fairly close to San Jose and if you choose no Generator, he does know how to do it right. Generators are NOT my first choice. Inverter=no noise! No carbon monoxide danger.Less maintenance.


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          Thanks everyone. Much appreciated! I will give him a call soon...waiting for some funds to come in :-) I want to make several improvements. If I had the $ I'd have the whole van torn out and start again...not happy with the conversion at all, but it's what I've got and will work with it until I can afford to upgrade, would LOVE a Sprinter.