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Thank You Folks For Talking Me Out of Selling

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  • Thank You Folks For Talking Me Out of Selling

    All of yesterday and today I have been on a mission to sell my van and give up Mobile Grooming. Out of frustration I used every excuse I could think of from gas to HOAs to grey water. I had made the decision to sell a week ago and I put the van on the Used Van site and started to get calls. After the first call I realized WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

    Thank you folks who asked me what purpose I have in giving up. You made me realize that I love mobile and being my own boss.

    I realize there are ups and downs and obsticles in owning your own business but the suggestions you all gave were great.

    I have asked them to remove my van from the ads. The van is still on there as a new add 1998 Wagntails if you want to see what I drive, but tomorrow hopefully it will be removed.

    Thanks folks, I'm back in the Mobile business!!!!!

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    I'm really happy for you! I know how much I love it and would not want to give it up either. Good luck.
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      Glad you had your change of heart BEFORE you sold the van!lol Everyone needs a break once in awhile, or a fresh perspective or way of doing things. We have a physically demanding, dirty, repetitive job, so it's easy to burn out. Happy you found a way to get excited about your work again. :-)


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        This is proof once again that it's SO important to have peers to share with!


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          Aren't ya glad you asked?

          I am so glad you are keeping yopur van. Thought you might regret it if sold. I am keeping mine til death do us part. With drivers here, that may be sooner rather than later, haha


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            I'm so glad to hear that! Good luck, and keep us posted!
            Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones