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Sprinter Vans and gas mileage

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  • Sprinter Vans and gas mileage

    has anyone seen these vortex gadgets that are suppose to give you 30% better fuel economy...i wonder if they really work...they say they make them for every brand of vehicle. but i was thinking(this is when my 19yr. old son says, "Oh boy, she's thinking again")......if they make a gadget that you can buy for 20 bucks or less,that gives you 30% better fuel economy, then how come the vehicle manufacturers don't just put them on all their vehicles as standard equipment.... i wonder if there would be any problem with warranty and coverage....hhmmm...i did a search on dodge sprinter vans on ebay and that's where i saw these. also, my son was telling me about them a few weeks ago. does anyone have this on their mobile van? i would really like to know if you do infact get better mpg.

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    I don't have any personal experience with them, but I did watch a show on them...It was along the lines of myth busters. The tests they performed showed that they did not improve the gas mileage on vehicles. I'd be interested to know if there was anyone that did successfully use them.
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      If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


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        Sprinters and vortex air mixers

        Technically these vortex units add turbulance to the air flow to enhance fuel mixture and then help improve the power and then reduce fuel usage.
        The sprinters are so unique compared to anything on the market because the engine is so optimized.
        Think about this. the Sprinter fully converted on the longer GX7+4 or 158 wheel base is about 7000 pounds. This unit had a 5 cylinder diesel and could still gain speed going up a steep hill with a single reduction in gears. With that said these units many of the 2006 models over the last year have been getting 22-25 MPG!

        Mercedes position is, the engines are already very green. No to biofuels with higher content than 2% bio in the fuel. I have not heard anything about these vortex units from mercedes but I doubt they would be eager to support warranty issues around them.

        I understand their position and have to support it because I get asked about bio's and the like and I too have to say that I would not mess around with something that is already giving 3 times the fuel economy of gas systems and 8-12 MPG over the best standard diesel I've heard of. Especially when you think that both of these modifaction together would most likely not reach the economy of the sprinter engine as is.

        But be careful due to warranty coverage.

        Curtis Hanvey