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    I would like to call a few first time clients and try to set up next appt. Many are home today. Altho it is a holiday people call and ask ME if I will come groom, soooo is it rude to call today to try to drum up some bus for the next few days? Often when I do muster up the nerve for reminder calls I just get the machine and litle to no response.Ever notice how ya think you will slep late on day off and then wake early? What is that. Was gonna stay in bed til 11am got up before 8!

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    I am not one to call people. I send out post cards.
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      I agree with Damienono...unless I have written in my calendar that the client requests a reminder call, I will just mail a post card or send an email note. I don't ever put a client on the spot, I hate when services do that to me and I wouldn't make a client uncomfortable on purpose! I also encourage they rebook a tentative appt at each visit, they usually just keep the appt.


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        Good Idea!

        I just finished making my reminder calls for tomorrow. No one seemed offended or annoyed. I had one person who forgot I was coming and their dog isn't up for a groom (very old) so I also called a new client who was on my waiting for a June 7th appointment and they were quite happy to hear from me with an opening for tomorrow.

        So, yeah ... go ahead and call. Calling with reminders can be a little irksome (for you) but cuts down considerably on unexpected no shows, wasting your time and gas.

        On the reverse of that: my cell phone rang before 9 am yesterday (Sunday) morning with a woman wanting to know know if I could groom her poodle and shave down her Cocker Spaniel same day (same morning, actually, although she'd be okay if I could even come out in the afternoon, ha!). Told her I wasn't accepting new clients at the moment ... did she think I was a 24/7 groomer or something? Not about to take on somone who wakes up on a Sunday morning of a holiday weekend and thinks they can have it NOW.



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          Originally posted by mustluvdogs1 View Post
          Ever notice how ya think you will slep late on day off and then wake early? What is that. Was gonna stay in bed til 11am got up before 8!

          aaahhhaaaaa!!! it was you that spiked the punch!!! lol i knew someone would give it away!!! if you got up before 8, you must have known to stay away from the did it!rofl

          personally, i wouldn't make calls today. but i probably should cause tomorrow is looking kind of lame!


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            I would not call a client on Memorial Day. What if they are remembering a fallen soldier today or this day is more to them than just a Monday off. I think some would consider it disrespectful. Maybe if it were Valentine's Day or Mother Father's day not so bad. But not Memorial Day.


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              You are right....

              I think I will just send post cards tomorrow and got Wal Mart and see if they still have fabric for scarfs.I might even give Halle a trim.I haven't even been out side to see how hot it is. As for the chat room...we got it all cleaned up, so Oz won't be mad at us. Just used a Hv dryer and blew it all into cyberspace hehe


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                I have a client that lost a nephew in the war.

                Remember, today may be a lot more than a day off for some.

                I would just wait till tomorrow.


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                  We'll be calling people this evening.]


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                    I think there is a big difference in doing Reminder calls for appts that are already set up vs doing calls to drum up business for people who are not booked. I believe Meesh was under the impression you were doing Reminder calls for existing appts. However, I think you mean the latter.

                    I would be quite annoyed at anyone calling me to drum up business. I do not like to be put on the spot. I would much rather receive a post card in the mail reminding me that fluffy needs grooming. I would feel pressured to make an appt on the spot and I am not comfortable with people pressuring me. However, not everone is like me and it may be worthwhile...but probably not on a holiday. People are with family and enjoying the time off.

                    Better idea in my opinion.... my good friend and fellow mobile groomer Canine Designs collects the email for all of her clients. She then emails each person when it is getting time for their dog to be scheduled. I love this idea. I do not personally do it because I service retirees who all love to prebook on the spot. Most of them don't check email (if they have it) regularly either. But, I love that idea. Email is a good way to interact without actually putting them on the spot like a phone call. Many people say a good marketing person is one who would make such a cold call and fill the calendars. Well, maybe so. But not on a holiday, not after 9 pm at night and probably not on a weekend for me.


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                      Yeah, I did think we were talking about reminder calls or people who already had contacted you and were waiting on appointments.

                      Personally, if Memorial Day marked more than the weekend the pool opens for me I would not be answering my phone. I turn off my phone during dinner hour or whenever I do not want to be disturbed, such as a non-mainstream religious holiday I may observe but the majority of people do not.

                      My preferred method of making reminder calls is to call late afternoons when people tend to still be at work or on their way home and I can leave a mesage on their machine. If I do my reminders without actually catching anyone at home it only take me about 10-15 minutes.


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                        I have done it and had a lot of success at it. I've done it a few times, but one time in particular stands out, and I've mentioned it several times on this board:

                        I call the owner, whom I know I've seen more than once. If I haven't seen them in a bit, I call them and let them know I hadn't seen Fluffy in a while and would they like an appointment while I have an opening. I do NOT make them "feel" on the spot, as I wouldn't like that either, I just let them know very casually that I'm just trying to fill a couple of holes in my schedule and would they like to take it. I often leave the mssg. on the machine. The first time I did this I got 7 booked out of 10, and I am not sure if the other 3 called back or not, as the receptionists take my calls and book for me.

                        It's all in how you talk to them. Yes, be professional but don't be a starch in the shorts. Talk to them like you know them and their dog, so they wont feel like a salesperson at their door step. UGH, I hate that!

                        Tammy in Utah
                        PS: NO, don't do it on a holiday.
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                          Barkleigh has cute post cards

                          I agree, I did not return recent new call this weekend, but did one, but they found a quick shop to go to. A refferal is for a 17yr old dog far away....will suggest a groomer in a vet setting tomorrow. I like post cards actually for the first timers who now need it again. I too, hate putting strangers on the spot. Someare good clients for years and know they are single women and not busy is dif. Memorial day can be a very hard day for many. I respect that.


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                            Being cold calls whooshed right over my head too. We market a top drawer, exclusive. hard to get into service so don't do any cold calls or reminders. All calls are returned Sunday eve through Thursday evening unless the Sunday falls during a long holiday weekend- then the calls are done Monday eve. Major exceptions being T'giving and Christmas when the message reflects our new calling days,full status or closure.

                            I think everyone needs to know and adapt to their own market...sometimes we're calling new clients until 11pm. Hardly anyone we service is home before 8-8:30pm on weeknights and Never on Friday or Saturday night. Sunday eveniings are good and tonight we booked 8 new clients for July. In 22 yrs of being mobile no one, absolutely no one, has taken offense to their call being returned on Memorial or Labor Day evening. Sometimes our calls do go into overtime about memories and we feel it's a healing process.