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  • new standard poople pup ready to introduce

    I asked a couple of weeks back about picking a pup, now it is time to pick her up and intoduce her to my pack of 6 , i have never had the chance to plan the introduction all other dogs just kinda showed up and figured it out , any advice would be great alpha female is a pit x and she is a sweet dog BUT capable of hurting the pup help!!!!
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    OMG is she cute. Take them out on a neutral territory and have them all on a leash. One at a time. I think you should do the alpha dog last, that way the rest of the pack can accept her without the response of the alpha dog.
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      Who precious!!! I just love stnadard puppies. I actually love them alot when they get older too. Can't help you with introducing them to the pack ... I have never needed to do that. Shasta (white std.) is Calli's (black std.) puppy and they were separated for about a month when I brought Shasta home (@ 3 mos.). Calli is a very sweet dog and really took to Shasta when she moved in.


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        She is the cutest little poodle, oh my gosh!

        Honestly, and I hope this doesn't offend you, but if you even QUESTIONED yoru Pit X, I would not have gotten a puppy. It is completely defenseless.

        My mom had 6 dogs until my stepfather died a month or two ago, and they were getting so stressed out. They are doing better now that she gave 3 of them to a rescue (the ones who are still with her). Of course she had a lot of property, but the house, where they spent most of their time, wasn't large enough for that many dogs. Not enough "territory," so to speak.

        I hope your dog is a good trainer for your puppy, and not a difficult one.

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          Well first off I would not have a dog in my "pack" that was alpha over the other dogs. You are supposed to be the leader of the pack. My oldest dog Julie would snap at puppies when I would bring one home. They learned to leave her alone. But I knew fully that she would never hurt the puppies. Can you trust that your dog will not hurt the puppy even when provoked with sharp little puppy teeth. If you can't then I would not let them around each other until you could trust it. When my husband brought home a 10 yr old boxer my 10month old Crested was in his kennel and he was growling a barking like he was gonna rip the dogs head off. But after a couple of days he was fine around the dog. But I made him stay in his crate until he was used to her.