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Mobile Groomer Needed in Highland Park , IL

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  • Mobile Groomer Needed in Highland Park , IL

    My cherished client is moving to Highland Park, (Sheridan Rd area) Illinois by the middle of next month and is in need of finding a mobile groomer for her 12 yr old female shepherd, Nina.
    Nina has been groomed all her life and the client prefers monthly appointments for her fur-baby. Nina who is so wonderful has some rear weaknesses but is able to get in the mobile (trailer) and stand for most of her groom(she sometimes sits for her drying). If anyone can send me contact information if interested in this new client please let me know......or if you know of any mobiles in this area it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you all!

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    Highland Park

    As I recall, that is an affluent area. I guess Havenshubby is too far away in Downers Grove, I don't remember areas. She is a member here, look her up on member list. I just sent her a ref from Naperville, that is close to Downers. She may also know someone out there. PM her.


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      I sent you a PM about someone who is out there. I am mobile but a little to far.
      What does a dog do on it's day off?