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  • Neat Legs!!

    I know there has to be a spot on this board to post a grooming question, but I spend all my time in the mobile grooming section. And I know all you guys here! So... here goes with my question: When you do a strip (say, a #7) how in the world do you get a neat leg in a resonable amount of time?! I spend way too long first shaving the leg, then brushing up and scissoring down. Is there a easier way, or will this just have to come with experience? THANX in advance!!

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    Take a #5, or use the #7, and clip in reverse. For the skin between the leg bone and the tendon, push gently on the opposite side to get the hair in there. Pull hairs up from toes and other sharp angles and scissor what sticks up. When done, I take hold of the elbow area at the skin, and scissor it round and even, so it looks nice without cutting too close...make sense?


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      So Paws...

      Do you 'take the skin' meaning that you grab hold of it between your and forefinger and gently pull it away from the body then scissor around it? I'll try it if I'm interpreting what you mean correctly. THANK YOU!!


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        I know what paws is talking about thats the way I do it, except I don't go in reverse. And unless its matted I always make the legs a little longer.
        About the tendon...No, dont pull the skin. She means that indent area, on both sides of the legs, just push from the opposite side so the area you're working on is level, (same for both sides)


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          I also go in reverse. The only area I have to trim up afterward is the area right under that highest pad on the back of the leg and that is like two snips. Sometimes also between the toes, but not always. I think what she means by the skin around the tendon is where you can actually push the skin out from the other side of the leg.