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for mobiles - phone script?

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  • for mobiles - phone script?

    So I open in a couple of weeks and I'm still waiting for my phone to ring. I was wondering what you all say to clients when they call for the first time? What questions to ask, how to schmooze, etc.

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    I usually just ask what they are looking for and give an estimate. I tell them what I include in the grooming, but wait for them to list what they need before I decide it is a mini groom or a full groom, otherwise, they try to break it down to pay less. I prefer to say "shampoo and conditioner based on your pet's individual coat/skin condition" instead of "bath". I like to say "pedicure" instead of "nail trim", etc, etc. If it has been awhile since the last groom, or it is a double coated dog that they don't brush, etc, I will give a range of $10 - $20 to cover myself. I am pretty busy now, and my phone message lists a short but detailed 'schpiel' about my service area, hours, starting rate and ask for a # they can be reached at in the evenings. This filters a lot of price shoppers and keeps me from spending a lot of breath on someone not even in my area. My first question is, "where are you located, I want to make sure I can service your area". It helps to start out with a handful of questions written on a card, until you get used to it. I don't ask a million questions, but enough to get a clue. I also try to throw in a bit of chit chat if the person seems that way. If they sound all business, I keep it that way, but always end the call with, "Okay, so that was Friday June 1st at 12pm. I look forward to meeting you and Mr. Biggles! Have a wonderful evening."


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      get in the habit of listening to them. in time you will have it down pat. every call for me is an interview. by the end of the call, i'll know if i have "room" for them. all you need to do is to direct the call about the dog, every owner WANTS to talk about their dog. i can deal with a pia dog, but not the customer. just a note, any dog named princess or muffin, that has had "problems" with past groomers. it's probably not the groomer.
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        I ask how long ago the dog was groomed, up to date on shots. Have they ever bitten anyone, is there room for the trailer. That is VERY important. Expecially for you being new to towing. I always say my prices "start" at such and such for that type of dog, but I can't give an exact until I see the dog.
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          How May I help you?
          What is your pet's name?
          What type of dog is Fifi?
          How old is Fifi?
          When was the last time Fifi was groomed?
          Do you like fif to be kept long, short, etc.

          Here is how I can help Fifi... I offer.... I charge...

          For people new to Mobile you MUST validate your services. Let them know how fabulous you are and what you offer that makes you fabulous.