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I Graduated Today!!

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  • I Graduated Today!!

    YAY!! My trailer should be done next week and I have a very good friend who says I can work in her shop on Saturdays until I build up a clientele (sp?) That will help greatly since the girls in the shop will show me some of their tricks a new grad like me will need. I'm just wondering how far apart I should schedule my appts? I'm not very fast. My last day in class was kinda frusterating cause people were coming in instead of calling to pick up their dogs. (GRRRR!!) Anyway, needless to say, the dogs get all excited and now it's REALLY hard to groom a dog that sees Mom and wants to go home. I really want to do a good job, but don't want to spend too long getting the dog done. Anyone have people knocking on the trailer door wondering when FiFi will be done?

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    Isn't it exciting when things like this come together?

    Depending on how many dogs you expect to take, you might try for 2 hours or so apart (depending on the pet) until you learn your territory, and your speed builds. Better to be conservative to start with...

    Again Congratulations


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      congrats!!!!!! i also think a 2 hour spacing to start.
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        Congratulations!!! What an exciting time.


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          WOW thats awesome. I wish you all the best


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            I graduated last month. I jsut got my mobile grooming van yesterday! So excited to get started too!!


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              Congratulations, isn't it exciting? When I'm grooming in my mobile I always give the customer an amount of time it will probably take to groom the dog and that when I'm done I will come up to the door with the dog. But I always tell them they are always welcomed to come take a peek inside to make sure everythings going okay. I've never had customers knock on my door while I was grooming.....


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                Congratulations!!!! Give yourself a little time to pick up speed - it WILL come.


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                  Thanks everyone. I love getting so much sound advice on this board!


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                    Congratulations!!!! You will love having your own mobile business. To start I would allow 2 hours for a clip dog (3 hrs. for a std. poo) and 1 hour for a bath dog (lab retriever; longer for a husky) and then build in 1/2 hour cleanup/travel time in between grooms. As you get busier, you will tighten your schedule and really know how long it takes to groom each customer's dog.