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I am so sick

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  • I am so sick

    I had to reschedule 2 full days to next week that was already full. Started with my hubby picking up a bug at work which caused him to dehydrate and pass out on the sidewalk trying to go to work. Neighbors found him unconcious and called 911. 10 hours and 3 liters of fluid later he was sent home with some meds for the nausia. Thank god cause I took them. Spewing both ends. I pooped on the floor while I was vomiting. Then my dog ate almost 2 lbs of flax seed and pooped everywhere. When will the pooping stop lol.
    So, I will be working late days next week.
    If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!

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    hey, thanks for sharing! lol always was good having 2 bathrooms when a bug like that spreads through the house and everyone's got it.....yuck

    feel better soon. p.s. glad to hear your hub's ok. that must be quite the bug. glad we're only communicating through cyber-space!


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      Isnt it great when ya vomit an poop at the same time. I wind up just sitting on the edge of the bathtub for something to start. I found my husband lying on the bathroom floor in a fetal position after i went through hell the first 24 hours. Hate being sick.
      Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.- Richard Carlson


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        You have me laughing out loud so hard because I had to read your thread twice. I couldn't believe that you would write that! lol I though that maybe you meant the dog, but no it was you, lol...i'm still giggling!

        I hope that you feel better! Drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest!
        Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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          Poor baby. I sit on the pot with a pot (big enough to hold a full load) in hand if that is a possibility. Then both ends can be productive.

          When I was at the store a blinkity blankity new manager said NO sick time. I said what if I was vomiting (I'd never taken a sick day in the 6 mo. I was there mind you) and she said still come in and do paper work. I was so hoping to get sick and let loose facing her, lol. But I quit instead.

          So when you should be resting and healing you'll be doing double grooming. Do try to take it easy.
          Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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            Big hugs and I hope you feel better soon.


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              TMI! I have a bad cold and was feeling sorry for myself till I read this........


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                Oh wow lol that is quite a bug! Yikes! Nothing is worse then grooming when youre sick! I remember vomiting between dogs on a saturday once, I couldnt WAIT to get out of there and back in bed........had I had it coming out both ends it wouldve been impossible LOL yikes........FEEL BETTER!


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                  there's no secrets here right?!!!!
                  If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                    Originally posted by diamienono View Post
                    there's no secrets here right?!!!!
                    OZ? You're the boss here, did you fail to tell her? Uh, didn't anybody tell her? Somebody's not doin' their job around here!!!!

                    I'm with PetsrUs: TMI!! LOL

                    Tammy in Utah
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                      It isn't funny when it's happening.

                      Whenever I get stomach cramps I usually vomit at the same time. Glad to have the tub next to toilet to puke in. Or master bath i use the trash can. when it is over I feel ok. Not long ago I musta puked 6-10 times in a row! NO FUN. I expect to loose weight and don't. If yiuncan keep water down be sure you all keep hydrated!!!!. Dog still as to eat and go out too. Some days it takes all day just to turn my head from left to right, or get up and make dry toast and eat it. That is when I miss my mom. No body to get me a cool cloth etc. Feel better soon! Fun subject. I still laugh over a bad story. Ok, I will tell it: I took swiss kriss herb lax once on a trip to Yosemite camping. That night it hit me and thank God full moon a long moonlit trip to public bathroom. Next day on the way home ( grandma lady driving ) stopped at gas station in 75 degree heat. I had a bad accident in bathroom. Like movie dumb and dumber. All over the place...what could I do? Too sick to even try to clean it. Pitty the next person who needed the ladies room. Too embarrassed to tell this Older church lady. It was a small group church camping trip. I always hope I never get sick at church! Seats a lot of people, so far in six yrs no one has gotten sick in public. OH my!!!


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                        OOOOH, You Poor Thing!!

                        How aweful for you! Hope you feel better fast. I kinda know how the "out both ends" is. We went camping the last weekend in April and I don't know what I was thinkin', but I drank waaayy too much around the campfire and was so sick! It had been 15 years since I did that and I swore the last time I would never do it again. Anyway, (WARNING! stop reading if you don't want to hear this.) Since I have hardly any bladder control since having my kids, I was vomiting in the sink (I'm in our toy hauler bathroom) and still able to (somewhat) pee in the toilet. Dry heaves are SOOOO gross!! NEVER, NEVER again!! AHHHHRGGG!


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                          Time to spray my computer with lysol, I don't want to take any chances I'll get THAT! lol

                          Be careful with dehydration, for whatever reason I got dehydrated a lot as a kid, probably just from not drinking water. Anyways, once I was in the hospital because I was sick or something and they looked at my dad and said he looked dehydrated, well they ended up sending me home to drink water and putting him on an IV with fluids. lol I guess now we know which side of the family I got my dislike of doctor visits from.

                          Supposedly peach juice (not syup) is supposed to help with nausea. Also ginger or real ginger ale that actually has ginger in it. I used to get one kind that came in green glass bottles with red/yellow/green lables and it actually tasted like ginger if you get some let it go a little flat first though.

                          Feel better soon!


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                            Oh my gosh...I was laughing so hard! I am so sorry you are very ill, you poor baby!!! I know it isn't funny, BUTT there is just something in human nature that makes you crack up about body functions!


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                              I almost forgot to mention about the peach juice, I've tried it before and it did seem to help. This was after I had a WEE bit too much to drink the night before. lol I tried the peach juice and felt better, tried gatorade and felt not so much better, back to the peach juice for a while, then sipped some gatorade again and was iffy but OK after that.