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  • What a Friggin Day!

    OMG, what %&*%*&% day!!!

    I just finished grooming my last dog of the day and I go to get back in the van and GRACY is sitting on the center console where the door lock is and YES the doors are locked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Great, Now I had to call the Hubby and listen to his lectures about why you never leave with all doors closed and vehicle running, blah blah blah...

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    Oh my.. I've heard of kids locking all the vehicle doors.. but not a dog! hehe..

    you poor thing!


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      The "real" diamienono was known for doing that. She would step on the locks to look out the window.
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        oh geez,
        that happened to me once. i was bringing home 2 dogs for reg. clients that couldn't drive. i get to the 1 house and bring the golden in. meanwhile, my little shihtzu friend is standing up on the door rest where the locks are, and yup....she locked the door w/ the car running.....would you believe i found a spare car key in my jacket pocket! i had a hole in my pocket and the key was down inside my jacket! i had forgot all about it. i never have a spare key in my pocket. somebody was looking out for me.


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          Ugh! What a way to end the day. I bet Gracy was wondering why you didn't get back in the van and stood outside with a "look" on your face. Hopefully your hubby didn't have to travel to far to get you.
          don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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            I have a Realestate lock box on my van mirror....

            I learned early on to never lock myself out of my grooming van. I have lock box with van and house keys on my passager mirror. I can't lock my Acura without turning the key. I highly recommend the lock box if there is a place to put one. The hidden key always falls off inside the fender or somewhere.


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              Originally posted by mustluvdogs1 View Post
              I learned early on to never lock myself out of my grooming van. I have lock box with van and house keys on my passager mirror. I can't lock my Acura without turning the key. I highly recommend the lock box if there is a place to put one. The hidden key always falls off inside the fender or somewhere.
              that's a good idea!


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                I had a client that was a NOTORIOUS no-show. When he did show, his dog was great and he always tipped. But I got so sick of the no-shows that I finally made him sign a paper saying if he did it again, he'd have to pay in advance. He paid in advance, but not without a lecture from me, lol, and the next day was his appointment. Guess what? Corona locked himself in the car, with the owner outside.

                When he came in he was sweatin' bullets, lol!

                Tammy in Utah
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                  Yes, I don't know how I heard about it originally.

                  I may have read about it in groomer to groomer. It has been on the van 7 years! It has a number code. Sometimes it takes a minute to unlock it. It has been in hot sun, rain, dust. Some days I unlock it and then forget to get the key out and have to un lock again. My Ford mirrors move in and out, as I think many mirrors do. So it just hooks on the mirror arm. I don't even remember how it locks on there. The face has numbers and little buttons so I release the up/down slide thingy and push my 4 number code. After a try or two, I get the face open and get the keys. I often lock myself out with the dog in my arms. It has saved me many, many times. Ace hardware probably has them only more modern now. Maybe Home Depot has them .Also good for forgetting the garage door opener, then I unlock the front door of my house.


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                    Oh, I feel sorry for you Gracy Rose. Sorry you had to endure a lecture. Your Hubby sounds just like mine. "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah-Blah!" Do you have AAA? I usually have a lock box under a real heavy rubber mat in the bed of my truck with an extra key because I'm always locking myself out of the truck. Just a few days ago I stopped at Office Depot and realized I locked myself out. So, no prob. I just climb in the truck and get my lock box out. Only..... I didn't put the key back the LAST time I locked myself out! DOH!! So, No cell phone either. I have to go back into Office Depot and ask to use the phone and call AAA. Thank the Lord for them! I didn't have to call the Hub and listen to "Blah, blah blah blah Blah!" Sorry you had to.


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                      Please take note of the contents of the passenger seat.

                      Luckily the car was off and it was a cool day. I got the day off because I didn't have any dogs scheduled anyways and it took the darn USAA guy over 2 hours to get out there, it was free though so I can't complain!


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                        Yeah, love dogs and locking doors. My hubby and I had just moved to Indianapolis, only in town 4 days, drop him off at work and I was stopping to get gas. Yep, Kilroy my schnauzer locks the driver's side door, which would usually not be a big deal for me, I never lock any doors and always leave windows open, so typically there would of been some other of the 5 doors open, but in a new "big" city.... So there I was, in a new city - no hubby -I have the only car- no clue of what number to call - in August - 95 degrees out and 150% humidity - dog in the car - no cell phone yet - WAHHHHHHH!! I run into the gas station and ask the attendant, "oh yeah, there is a garage right behind us that can open it, literally only 1 block away" he calls them for me, 45 minutes later, a guy walks over with a slim jim and pops the lock in 15 seconds -- for 50$... Welcome to Indiana!!!!!


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                          Oh Maggy... my keys were in the ignition so at least Gracy stayed cool.

                          Furry, you are soooo right about Gracy's look. It was as if she were saying "okay, mommy game over... get me". Thank goodness it was a Client that I really like and felt compfortable around.


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                            How funny!!

                            And I thought I was the only one that ever got locked out of a car by a dog! Heres what makes my story even worse. Im in a store parking lot getting ready to pull into a space, but theres a cart in the way, I park the car, jump out to move the cart, run back to get into the car to park, and here the little %&#@ has locked the door and is looking at me with her tail wagging, and smiling like okay mommy get in now! I was in total disbelief, not only locked out of my car but blocking traffic in the lot. Here go all these people around me giving me dirty looks because Im standing by the door looking in at the dogs and they are thinking I'm just standing there talking to someone! Because the other dog in the car is famous for putting the windows down, and I'm trying to get him to put it down. But of course on the day where you would want this the most, it will never happen......Had to run to a nearby store to use their phone... praying to God that they hadn't figured out how to get it moving by the time I got back.. lol..