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Sprinter 3500 Computer/Electrical Problem...

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  • Sprinter 3500 Computer/Electrical Problem...

    This is now the second time having trouble with the computer in my van. The last time I had it replaced was only about 4 months this brand new computer is royally screwing things up again. Its affecting everything. Even my electric windows and speedometer doesn't work. What next for the Ferret??? Now when I bring the POS back in for repairs....I'm going to have to get nasty or take them to court. There is only so much a person can take before they lose all hope with mobile grooming.

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    Yikes!!!! Sure hope they are able to fix it once and for all time. That's a real bummer. Try not to stress out to much ... it really doesn't do any good.


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      Wow thats terrible. I feel for you hopefully they can fix it and nothing else will go wrong.


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        Have you had any electrical component serviced or swapped out recently.

        Have you had any electrical component serviced or swapped out recently?
        On the 2007 sprinters we just started building in, Sprinter has installed a single grounding point that can be disconnected. This allows the power to the entire control system to NOT have connection while main power systems are being connected or disconnected.

        Has your front battery gone dead recently? Many modern vehicles don't handle "jump starting" like the older units.
        The reason I'm mentioning these is because if you can find a common element happening prior to the issues with the computer system, then you may be able to find a way to reduce the risk of it happening again.

        The good news.... the Sprinters are almost all modular due to the construction methods used to build the van. Make them start changing out modules and eventually you have all new.

        Was it covered under warranty? I'm always wanting to hear how the dealers are performing. The module should not take too long to swap out.

        You may want to sign up for the Sprinter group at Yahoo groups. Search Sprinter and it should come up. That is where I keep my fingers on the pulse of the vans because there are all kinds of Sprinter owners, service people and dealers signed up and if there is a trend, it shows up there first. Computer systems is not a trend. I think I've heard of one or two in the 2006 and back models over the past five years or so.

        For example, about this time last year a 15 minute type repair item started showing up. It was the turbo resonator. This one haunted two of my clients traveling back to CA. But at least we knew it was not caused by the conversion. It was something to do with the way this particular part was being made for Mercedes.

        Ford really needs one of these groups because lately the base engine itself has been an issue on them. With that said I don't recall computer controls being any type of repeat issue item.

        Here is the addy for the group.

        Also remember that if you ever plan to seriously tackle a dealer legally, posting publicly about it could hurt your efforts. Think about it. Their attorneys can come on and read every post you have ever made and pick it apart for infor to help counter any claim you may make. Something to think about.

        Sign up under digest with that sprinter group so you can see what is going on. Maybe even ask them if they have seen any patterns of computer problems.


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          The electrical parts that were changed recently were a new battery and the new computer....why in less than a year....they are dead again? I would be nice to have some kind of wiring diagram from a grooming van manufacturer so when things start to malfuction or go dead, the groomer can maybe have someone figure out the problems without tearing though walls and such. Since I didn't get anything like that with my van....what can be done???


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            It may not be the cumputer.

            You never know when it comes to dealerships.
            It may not be a computer.
            It may be that they think it is and are not sure what else to do.
            I had a customer several years ago that had a problem with engine power, starting and a noise under the van.

            The dealer changed out her alternator(put the wronge one back in too) and started doing other things. Guess what it was. The fuel filter. The stinking fuel filter should have been the first thing they checked because the fuel pump was cclicking hard making noise trying to pump through a clogged up fuel filter.

            The problem is that you have to trust your repair people to some degree but question them like crazy. Think through the symptoms and maker some guesses and ask them about it.

            What were your symptoms anyway? What was happening?