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my a/c is working like new

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  • my a/c is working like new

    today we had a friend of my mother in law come and fix my a/c it was working still but the air was not as cold and not as strong so he took the top off and cleaned it good it took him about an hour or so to do it he took so much hair and gunk stuff out of it i was amazed anyways he said to try in get it clean every 3 to 6 months and that it should be fine,he turned it on and man it was working so good like if it was brand new he even had this tool that read the temp and it read in the low 40's i was impressed oh and he even came to my house and we talked for a while he's an older guy and he just lost his wife a year ago i think he needed someone to talk to and i listened he almost made me cry he said he was married for 30 yrs that's a lifetime to me i'm only 35 anyways i told him that i was glad we talked and that the more he talked about it the better he would feel soon,he told me she died in his arms and almost started crying i felt so bad, i'm glad i talked to him because it made me think how lucky i'am to have my husband, son and my family,and how other people have bigger problems and i worry about dumb things or make my life miserable most of the time i think god sent him here today to make me apreciate(SP) what i have and what i can loose. anyways the best part was when he charged me only $60.00 i was so happy i gave him an extra 20 dollar tip he gave me a hug and said thank you for listening i needed that.

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    I love these kind of stories! It can really help someone out sometimes to just listen to them.


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      oh, and there is nothing like working in a mobile when the ac isn't working right and it's 90' out. i'm going to pass on a roof mounted just for this reason. i think it's going to be too much maintenance.

      it was very nice of you to sit and talk with this man. we have alot of elderly customers here in Fl. and alot of my regs. always stay to talk. sometimes it makes things alittle difficult, when i'm really busy, but i always try to talk with them a bit. some people are very lonely, and that is sad...especially when they have lost their lifelong companion.