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Taking time off is not so bad

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  • Taking time off is not so bad

    I have rescheduled my hours so I am working until about 1 pm, and I am amazed at how many of my customers have been so flexible.

    My Mother inlaw had to have a liver transplant because she went into complete liver failure due to previous medications that caused cirrosis. She was given about 24-48 hours to live, so we had her transferred to a specialty hospital, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. If you ever have to have an organ transplant, that hospital is just top notch care. They saved her life. She is coming along well and actually was smiling today.

    But anyway, I just wanted to say It's so nice to work for clients that actually care. it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be to have to carve my work schedule down some so I could visit my MIL at the hospital.

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    Congrats. Like I said in your previous post, family FIRST. The rest will fall into place. I'm glad that your mother in law is doing well. I'm glad she was able to get a transplant so soon, what a miracle.

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      Yay Bawlmer is useful for something! I'm glad that things worked out well for you and your MiL.


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        good luck to your mil. our customers are wonderful aren't they. i had several offer to send food deliveries to my home to help out. hubby is in columbia presbyterian in ny. another fab place.
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