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I refused a dog today that was a stray...

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  • I refused a dog today that was a stray...

    I was making the appt for Sat and discovered it was a stray they just got from Yuma,Az. A shi-Tzu. They have no shot records, of course and don't KNOW how the dog will respond. I told her to get shots and first check first then call me. I said if it did have rabies (which I seriously doubt) who would know if it had shots if I was bitten? My groomer friend thinks I am silly and paranoid, I think you would advise me I need proof of shots. Pet---- would require them. They also can't tell if she has been spayed, but I usually can. Someone lost a dog and her brother brought it to her. They aren't even trying to locate the owner! Yuma is a loooong way from Me. They are just keeping her!

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    You're not silly or paranoid. I require all dogs that come into my shop are up to date on their shots. If they don't give me a shot record, I directly call the vet. You wouldn't believe how many people try to BS about the rabies shot. If they aren't up to date, I tell them to get the shot and wait 10 days just like being quarantined since I don't know how their dog lives. Then I explain to them it's THE LAW. And also how they are playing russian roulette with their own lives.


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      No way do I take on something like that. No shots, no service! Plain and simple. Why should I have to go through a bunch of **** if I get bit because they were too lazy and cheap to take the dog to the vet. No way no how. If I can't work I don't get paid.
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        I agree w/you and Wolf,and if I know they have kids I mention that there children may be at risk as well as any dogs I may do after their dog and to rest assured that if the shoe was on the other foot that they can be comfortable in knowing that I care for the health of their pet just as much.So I advise getting the new dog checked over,shots and health cleared and give me a call back.Stray dogs look like **** most of the time and when turning a cliet down at first is a big dissapointment,but the correct wording can open there eyes and build respect for your services even before you have even met them! If not then I doubt you would really want them as a customer anyway and you have weeded out a client not worth the trouble anyway.To bad for the doggie for sure in that case.


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          I agree with the others. Vet check, and vacs first for everyone's safety. Maybe the vet will check for a microchip too! "Stray" shih tzu?? Bet someone misses this dog. Don't think I'd want a client who wouldn't at least try to find the dog's owner and assure them that the little guy has a good new home.
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            Ditto to all of the above. No shots, no groom.

            It helps weed out a lot of little buggers, let me tell ya! If they're too cheap to do the shots, then that will tell you about their future grooming schedule.

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