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    Hi every one! New to this board. I have been reading a lot of threads and a lot of them have answered many questions I had. But my one question is that I havnt seen, is what do you do when you have a pet that you cannot not hand dry?

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    If you can't dry them on the Groomers helper, then they need to go to a shop to be cage dried. I have never had one that I can't dry.
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      I have two dryers in my van, the K9 II and a smaller one with variable speed. If the dog is fearful I will start with the smaller dryer and show the dog the hose, then show him while I blow my own hand, then I move the air to blow on him and take it off quickly. I ease him into it, slowly increasing the force. I get him so he's not drippy wet, but maybe a little damp, then bring him inside and explain to his owners why he is a little damp and that we'll be working on that.

      By the 2nd or 3rd groom the majority of the dogs I work with will tolerate the big dryer on at least one power setting, often both for full power and a quick dry. A lot of them never get used to it around the head and they get to go inside with dampish ears.

      If the animal really freaks out and no matter how much you work with it will not tolerate the dryer, then the owner has two choices: a towel dried dog or a salon with cage dryers. Just explain the situation.

      Remember, you're the boss and you don't HAVE to groom every dog that comes your way. Mobile is great for a lot of dogs, but sometimes a salon is better. Like a really large elderly dog may do better at a quality salon where the groomer can take the time to let him rest in a cage mid-groom while another dog gets groomed. Be aware of the dog's limitations and your own when deciding whether to accept a particular dog as a regular client.


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        You probably think this is a larger problem than it really is. In 3 years, I have had one dog that absolutely would not tolerate the dryer. In this case, the dog went back inside and the groom was finished. This dog needs to be groomed at a salon where it can dry in a cage.

        You will find dogs who do not like the dryer. But, you can almost always get the dog's dry. Start slow, lowest speed and work up. Usually focusing the dryer on the back hip of the dog to start. But, don't be tentative because dog's who are prone to react will read off of you. Just go matter of fact. The biggest issue is the dog's who don't like their heads being dried. With work you can usually get this done on low speed. I also have a table dryer that works great. I don't know what it is about it, but even dogs who really resist and fight the head drying with the HV don't seem to mind it blowing on their heads.


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          Hi you can either dry them on low with no nozzle or just leave them damp.I will tell the owner fluffy does not like his face done.I left his head damp.Or if it's a shave down I cut the hair first and then dry as much as possible.If a dog is just to much I will reccomend them washing it themselfs or taking it to a shop.It's not a big problem.


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            Yep I agree

            it has never been a problem for me, but then I do a whole lot with the little Pet Edge dryer. It can be on so low, then turned up as the dog gets accustomed to it, that never had one that didn't end up just fine.
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              I put cotton in ALL dogs' ears while drying, and wear earplugs myself. I also use a concentration nozzle so the dry process is fast as possible


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                I was going to respond almost identically to Meesh, as far as the variable dryer.

                Another wierd thing I found is this. I have a couple of dogs who try to bite the HV hose while I'm drying them, or are very afraid. When I've taken the hose and put it into a third arm clamp, all of a sudden the dog acts like everything is fine. I guess putting it in the third arm makes it seem like a cage dryer to them? Who knows, but at least they can get dry.
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