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Grooming dogs with health problems

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  • Grooming dogs with health problems

    I just got my first call I'm not sure how to handle. I had a lady call me that wanted me to groom her min. schnauzer but it has a fungus called Aspergillosis. She said it is not congtagious but it was up to me whether I would like to groom it or not. Its like a perpetual green runny nose. I said I would research the condition and call her back when I knew more. I called my vet and he said it would be best to get a release from the dogs vet saying that it is not contagious to other dogs. Then I got to wondering, well if it has this, what else does it have? Do I really want it in my mobil? What do you all do in a situation like this?...

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    Heavily disinfect the van after the appointment.
    Set it for your last appointment of your day and then totally disinfect the floors and all surfaces. If necessary, Leave some bleached water in the tub overnight.


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      New Groomer to Groomer Mag came today

      Article on disinfecting equipment and shop. Very important. If you don't receive one, call and request a copy.


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        Did your vet ever answer the questions as to wether it was contagious? I think its odd he would state to you to have the vet write a release that the dog was not contagious if you told him what it was...unless of course he's not trusting what the client says, which would make sense as well.
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          I think that may have been your vet's way of saying he disagrees. That is my opinion
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            If you choose to accept it I agree with the others, make it last appt of the day and spend extra time disinfecting everything. You may want to wear plastic gloves as well. I would also charge more due to the extra effort and risk involved, probably $10-15 more.

            Unless you really need the gig though I would be inclined to pass. But I am getting incredibly picky!



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              You can google it for more information. The little bit I read gives the cause as inhaling mold spores. I would talk with the clients vet before making a decision. Although this person seems to know what she's talking about, I've had experiences with clients that misunderstood what the vet said. Like the one who brought her dogs in for their appt. and told me that one of the dogs had mange (!!!) AND that it happened after his last groom...... I had her hold the dogs while I called her vet. The vet said the dog had a mild skin disorder (he gave me the name..can't remember it at the moment), had NOTHING to do with grooming and was not contagious.


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                At least the lady was honest with you-that's a HUGE plus for her. I agree about getting a release form from the vet-also find out if the pet would benefit from a prescription shampoo. This could turn out to be a great caring client who will send you much biz!
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                  Thanks all again..

                  Thanks from you all experienced groomers. Ive only been opened since May 4 and I have 7 customers that will be regular 6 weekers. Im in the phone book in June. But right now Im doing flyers in subdivisions and have been picking up clients that way. Next step is some advertising. For once in my life I truly love my job,my hours,and my clients . Not to mention the pay! Thanks again.