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Any Pregnant Mobile Groomers??

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  • Any Pregnant Mobile Groomers??

    Hi there - I run my own mobile grooming business and have recently learned that I'm pregnant. I love what I do, and business is great. I'm nervous about how long I'm going to be able to work for, and how this type of work will effect my pregnancy; i.e. standing for long periods, pet hair, disease, chemicals, etc.

    Does anyone out there have any experience with this situation? Either past or present? I would LOVE to get some advice, tips, and shared experiences.

    Thanks so much,
    PG in NJ

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    How in the world as a mobile groomer did you have time to get pregnant??LOL


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      The hard way! Going to doctor for 6am appts. every week for months, to finally succeed at In Vitro Fertilization. Not an easy task, but a determined Mobile Groomer always gets what she wants.


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        I had a baby back in August and I worked until the day that I delivered. It definitely was not the plan, but I couldn't afford not to. I still did big dogs, I just made the owners help me.


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          Congratulations! I just had a baby boy 4 weeks ago, and I too worked right up until the day I went into labor. I think it just depends on what you're comfortable with ... and every pregnancy is different. This is my third child and I have groomed through each of my pregnancies. I did have a stool in my truck and I probably did slow down a bit. I grouped the large dogs up one day a week, and had someone help me just that one day. You might want to get one of those plastic extension hoses for your vacuum though, so you don't have to bend over too much! Best of luck!


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            It's ok

            I groomed in my van until the day I had my son I was 35 he just turned 6
            I even drove my van to the doctor the day they made me have him a emergency c-section my van sat in the hospital parking for several days. I wasn't planning on having him that day, in fact I was going to go back to work after seeing the Doc.

            Wag' tails
            good Luck


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     not a mobile groomer NOR have i ever been pregnant...but if your worried about the hair, you can always just buy a grooming mask and wear it, this should help cut the hair and dander your inhaling, buy a stool to sit on while you groom (i read everywhere that you should be doing this ANYWAYS to save wear and tear on your body), know your own limitations on what you can comfortably lift w/o help. if your doctor tells you not to lift anything over say...30 lbs then dont lift anything over 30 lbs. if your used to doing alot smaller dogs and not so many bigger guys i wouldnt do these bigger guys without help. some of the groomers on here have said that they lifted alot more than the doctor tells them they can...but thats because they have been lifting those bigger dogs every day or many days of the time they work and are comfortable lifting that much. its really up to you to know your own limitations, dont push yourself past them, and to know when to say ENOUGHS ENOUGH today.
              Good luck with your business and preganancy!


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                I can't say that I've groomed while pregnant because I began grooming when my daughter was about 9-10 years old. I don't think I would have been able to handle it...I had morning sickness and was always tired. But everyone is different and handle their pregnancies differently.

                I just wanted to welcome you to the site...nice to see yet another NJ mobile groomer on this board. Boy, there are a lot of NJ mobile groomers on here!!


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                  Congratulations!! The turkey baster worked, eh? LOL! Anyway, I would say, prepare for the days when you're tired. You WILL have them. Maybe take it easy on those days. You'll find maybe in your first trimester (1st. 3 months) you'll be tired then in your next, you'll have lots of energy then the last you'll be tired again. I have 2 kids a boy and a girl and my first (my son) I managed a kennel at a guide dog school. I was still lifting dogs into the tub at 7 months along and did fine. I still cleaned the kennel at 5:30 AM in rubber boots and walked on wet cement with 30 Labs running around me the whole 9 months. But I'm not saying all this to brag, I'm just saying that do what you feel comfortable. You will have a heightened sense of smell, so be ready. The smells that never bothered you before will make you sick and you will never know which ones until it happens. The smell of dog poop never got me sick; certain food smells did. Just pace yourself. you should be fine. I agree with another person on this board about the stool. My son sat on a nerve and I couldn't feel my thigh down to my knee the whole time. I suggest you get on a regular adjustment schedule with your chiropractor. I did when I was pregnant with my daughter and WOW! What a difference. I was 36 and more tired the second time around and the regular adjustments were great! I was also sick the whole first 3 months and couldn't function at anything. every pregnancy is different for everyone, but my main words of advice are get as much rest and sleep as you can! nine months from now, you won't get any sleep even because you can't stop starring at your beautiful newborn! Please keep us posted and feel free to e-mail if you'd like to chat.


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                    Thank you!

                    I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful advice and great words of encouragement! I can't tell you how much better I feel now, knowing that I can potentially work until I'm due and could be just fine. Obviously I have to listen to my body, which I've been doing. So far I'm feeling great (no morning sickness), but yes I'm very tired. I just come home, shower, eat and go to bed. This seems to be working just fine and getting me through the days with out a problem. I have been wearing a face mask and gloves since the day I found out. I also keep a stool in the van to sit on. So sounds like I'm doing the right things. I've also got an assistant 2-3 days per week helping with the wiley and larger dogs. I tend to be a work horse, as most of us mobile groomers are. So I can't imagine having to stop work too early or I'll go nuts, besides the money being nice ;-).

                    Thanks again to all of you. It's so nice how everyone sticks together to help others. That's how I've always lived my life, so I'm appreciative of others helping me.


                    "Pregers in NJ"


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                      Been there, didn't do well

                      I just wanted to tell my experience. I was in a shop at the time. I had a rough pg. As soon as I found out I was pg I went to small dogs only unless it was a very good bigger dog & others would help lift. Morning sickness was bad for 4 months, I even had some spotting & had to go home early a few times which wasn't easy for the other shop girls to take over my dogs along with their full day. I did bring in a stool to sit on which really helped through the pg. At 3mos along I had to go from doing 6-8 dogs down to 4 dogs that way it was easier on the shop girls if I needed to leave. Around 6mos found I had low fluid around the baby. At 7 1/2mos I had to quit due to me not be able to handle the heat of the summer & dr wanting me to do more bed rest. At 8mos, 33wks my body said it was time. I only had quit work 2wks before it. I had to have a fast c-section because my daughter was breech & trying to come fast. 4lbs 12oz, did well in the NICU & caught up quickly with growth etc.
                      Just be careful & listen to your body. If something doesn't seem right get seen. I am really wanting to try for another one now that my daughter is almost 3yr & perfectly healthy. The concern I have is I'm just getting my mobile grooming started & don't want to loose the progress. The struggles my head is going through is frustrating lol.



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                        Hey, Starshan

                        WOW! Glad your daughter is okay! Are you trying or thinking about it? Hope all goes well for you whatever you decide. If it were me, I would go for it, but that's just me. You may do better the second time around. What a fun age! My daughter just turned 4. Cherish every waking moment with her. I can't believe my sweet, curly blonde toddler turned into a real kid 9 years ago!! (my son) It goes so fast.


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                          I am a shop owner, just had a baby May 11th, I worked until May 8th but started doing dogs less than 20lbs from the start of my pregnency. I didn't have any problems, other than getting tired toward the end. I will return to work in a week, again only small dogs. I suggest getting a very cushy stool as the pregnancy progresses the pressure below can be annoying. I have a babyroom set up in my shop, almost soundproof, and I hire a babysitter to watch the kids while I work. My return hours are 9-3, my employees open/close for me, gotta love em!


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                            Wow, Starshan!

                            Sounds like you had a tough time. I'm so glad that things worked out and your baby, as well as you came out perfect in the end. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I will absolutely pay attention to what my body is telling me.

                            Congrats on recently starting your mobile business! What an exciting time. I think that your decision will be made for you if you listen to your heart. Although, no matter what, mobile business has a never ending pool of clients. You will always be able to make money so don't worry about that. And if your clients like you, they'll be there when you return.

                            Good luck to you!