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ideas for a flyer to give to people at an adoption fair

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  • ideas for a flyer to give to people at an adoption fair

    i was invited for the third year to a pet adoption fair in one of the cities that i service and i agreed to got again i'm excited i'll be selling some things for the first time and will groom 3 dogs the day before for the city animal shelter at no charge, that was my idea that way they can put my business card with the paperwork if they get adopted,last year almost every dog found a home,there will be lots of rescue groups too and events,raffles etc,but i have a question for you; last year i gave away a lot of magnets and business cards and only got around 5 good clients out of it wich is great i really don't need that many clients anymore but i think that being a business i should still advertise it because sometimes you loose clients for whatever reason so i feel it's good for my business; so this year a want to make a flier with all the good reasons for using a mobile pet groomer instead, i have some ideas but i want some more to put in it,can you girls please help me on this,thank you.

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    Mobile Pet Spaw: In one word… LUXURY. We come to you and cater to your pet. Originally planned to accommodate senior pets, those with separation anxiety, familes with multiple pets or those with busy schedules; this style of “hands-on” grooming quickly became the mark in which all others would set their criteria.