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  • Same day mobile service???

    How many of you offer same day service? I had a call this morning at 10:44 AM. I return the call at 12:30 PM and leave a message. I call back a few minutes ago and they have someone **out there right now** grooming their pets!!!!!!! Someone that they called this afternoon! I don't have any appointments this week but I could have worked them in next week (casual clients who had been out of town for a couple of months-casual because they never pre-book but have nice pets). Even when I was new I knew enough to NOT offer same day appointments. Was I wrong? Have I been wrong all this time, lo these many years??? OMG :::faint:::

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    Patty, I would never say no to business if you can fit them in. But, I never would let the client know I was empty of appintments. Instead, I would say something like "I can fit you in today, I am running ahead of schedule which doesn't happen very often" or "I can fit you on Tuesday, one of my clients had to go out of town for an emergency, so I have their spot available".

    BUT.... don't ever turn away business if you need it:-)


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      Patty you crack me up. I didn't even know you had competition in your area. How many mobiles are there around you?

      I'm not sure about Moble, but I rarely take same day appointments. If it's a good client and I have the time, I might squeeze them in. We've only been open a few months and I'm booked out at least a week. Occassionally I'll be running ahead of schedule and sneak one more in, but usually it's not an option.


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        Patty, I would have the same reaction as you. The only time I have ever fit in a same day appt is for an existing client with a short hair bath dog that takes 30 minutes if it is convenient.....meaning, I was on that side of town already. Even if I had 3 cancellations in one afternoon I wouldn't do it. However, you should note that I have been called rude and snobbish by others on this board, as well as informed that I have poor business skills. So, perhaps my advice isn't the best. However, I have the type of personality that really thrives on preplanning. I am not a "last minute" change of plans kind of gal. The exception being for last minute cancellations....when faced with these I instantly have the time slot filled by visions of me sitting on the couch watching They Young and the Restless. Therefore, I am very unlikely to feel amenable to anyone's request for same day service. In fact, I can hardly stifle a laugh when I get calls from would be clients asking me to come out that day. Usually this request is for the shave down of a large dog who they just now decided needs a haircut urgently. No loss in my opinion...but I told you before about how some people feel about my business acumen......


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          I don't book same day appts. UNLESS it is a true emergency. If they are not a good client I will charge them an emerg. fee . I have however had a neighbor of a client ask if I had time to do there dog and I did it. I also tell them that they should not count on it in the future. I just happend to be running ahead of schedule.
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            Sounds like a new mobiler in your area. Competition is gooooood!

            Tammy in Utah
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              kelly 063

              If you have new mobile in the area or a house call groomer, these casual clients will find out soon enough she can't book same day service every time at their demand. Rarely do I give same day appts unless they are a long time customer and I have a cancellation and I feel like it. I like a break too and they will expect you to jump every time they call...take advantage of you.


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                Thanks, guys! Kelly, I'm like you-good to great client, IF I feel like it and have the time LOL!!

                Coral, this area is et slap up with mobiles---somewhere around 12-13 I think! There are, that I know of, 4 new ones just this year! One of them even grooms for $35!!!!!! I don't know how they stay in business. My banker has approved a loan for me when the one that I'm referring to goes out of business because they can't make the payments

                Fur, you and I have the exact same business far it has served me well and aparently you, too I've been in business over 8 years now. Working PT I have been able to care for my parents and keep the bills paid AND pay my van off 16 months early and I have $0 credit card balances on about, well, lets just say that if I need credit, I have it and plenty more where that came from! I have all the new toys a girl could want or need and I support a vicious shear habit, too---my tool box looks like a Geib Katana/Cobalt Katana advertisment and I attend at least 4 trade shows and several grooming seminars a year. I have a client base that is very loyal and I hear almost every time I groom for a new client that their pet has never looked so good. I figure I must be doing *something* right ROFL!!

                Gracy, I don't want to have people think that mobile service is like the Big Box Grooming Joints so I don't offer same day service for new or casual clients EVEN if I had the room to do so! IMO it breeds contempt for the concept of mobile. NOT that it is a bad thing but it just isn't in my business model or my business plan. I was always afraid that it would come back to bite me in the butt---hard LOL!!


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                  Why not?

                  I guess I see things a little differently. Now that my business is going well, I'm not too concerned about what a potential new client will think if I can get them in that same day. I almost never can, because if I have a cancellation or a spot open up, I usually have a regular client I can move up and fill. But if someone calls me and I'm in the area, (and they seem NICE) I sometimes will add an appointment at the end of the day if I'm not too tired. I have gotten a few really good clients this way, but if I do the appointment I show them my book and let them know that if they want another appointment they need to book it now. If they don't rebook, I haven't lost anything and I'm one appointment richer. I don't believe it reflects poorly on myself or other mobilers if I occasionally go out of my way to fit someone in.


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                    I very very rarely give same day service because I do not answer my phone during the day. As calls come in I check the number against that day's clients. I only check messages at the end of the day. I have had people walk up and ask if I can do their dog too. Only if I am running early or it's a quick nail trim will I take them on.
                    For last minute cancellations, when I am doing my reminder calls the night before I usually have someone on the waiting list that fills up the spot.


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                      Hi maybe they are new mobilers or just not as busy as you.I hear ya when I get a free minute I usually will take it as a break.I tend not to book the same day unless we've had a lot of cancelations.Maybe they are fibbing.I know there are some groomers that don't prebook appointments.If someone is good they will be booked so enough they won't be able to take same day appointments for long.


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                        Even when I was first starting out, I NEVER booked an appointment sooner than 3 days out. The people that won't wait at least 3 days are also the ones that aren't likely to be loyal once you are busy and they have to wait nor are they usually ones that are willing to prebook. I have found that people looking for a new stylist actually prefer people that are busy. Busy means that you are either good or cheap. They will find out right away once a price is quoted if it is the cheap option. Good can mean either a very good stylist of you have very good customer service, either one will keep people coming back. I am now booked out anywhere from 3-6 weeks out at any given time. Over 75% of my clients prebook which keeps them on the schedule they prefer, the others learn to either call WAY ahead, wait or go elsewhere. I rarely lose clients after a second visit. There will always be those people that try everyone they can once. Many of those, I do eventually get back when they can't find anyone to do the same quality of work for a lower price that they are seeking.

                        I do get cancelations and if I have someone on a waiting list to be fit in should I have a cancelation, I will give them a call if it is in their area. (I work a LARGE area so would only call if the cancelation was near the client on the waiting list) If they are home and I can do their pet right away, great, if not, they know I tried and we keep their later appointment as scheduled. That is the only way I will do a same day appointment. I would rather have the additional time to myself, than start someone off expecting same day appointments regularly or thinking my business is so slow that I am able to even take same day regularly.