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Northern Tails Sharpening is moving to Mobile, AL on May 21st 2007

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  • Northern Tails Sharpening is moving to Mobile, AL on May 21st 2007

    It's True!!! Jeff and Northern Tails Sharpening is moving to Mobile Alabama, way down on the Gulf Coast, effective June 1st, 2007.

    Why The Move??

    In April 2007, I went down to help Tim do the lower part of his mobile route along the gulf coast. He was only doing PetSmart's and PetCo's from Pensecola to Baton Rouge, and this was really extending his coverage beyond what he was capable of handling in a timely manner clear from Edwards (Jackson MS).

    While I was there I discovered that dog groomers, as well as , barbers and hair stylists were not getting sharpened because there were no sharpeners. Can you imagine blades so dull they were ripping hair out of dogs, and scissor so dull that barbers and stylists were snagging the hair while they were trying to cut it??? There was no sharpening from Pensacola FL way over to Baton Rouge LA, this is the reason I want to move there. I can help those folks by keeping them sharp, and maintaining thier equipment.

    The move for me is going to be May 20th, and I will have a temporary residence northwest of Mobile AL. I have send brochures to 267 different grooming shops and veterinarians all along the Gulf Coast. Since then I have had numerous calls for help and the excitement to have one of "The Blade Guyz" right there local.

    If your thinking about shipping a box to me please wait until at least May 17th and send it to the Alabama address below. If you've already shipped boxes to my regular P.O. box in Michigan thats OK, but dont ship there anymore. I have paid the post office the "premium" forwarding fee that will forward each box to Mobile AL for two weeks. The Post Office assures me there will only be a minor delay in the forwarding process. Be sure to remember to get "Delivery Confirmation" when ever you send a box of equipment through the mail.

    Northern Tails Sharpening
    4354-A Old Shell Road
    Suite# 313
    Mobile, AL 36608

    My phone number will remain 989-370-1084

    My grooming shop in Grayling will still be in business because its family owned. I have been grooming now and then in my sharpening trailer. I have everything in there except a tub. (Maybe one day I will)!!

    Thanks for your understanding in this move of mine, things will be back to normal in no time.


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    So will it be Southern Tails


    Welcome to the great south!
    YEE HAW!



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      Erica... I was thinking South Paw :-)

      Maybe they will start coming to Central Florida :-)


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        nope, southern tails!!! how fit'n....ya'll will love the south!!!


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          I'm thinking maybe you should think about moving to the "West" and then you can be called "Western Tails Sharpening", sounds much better and we in the west could use a good sharpener!! LOL

          Guess that's too much to ask for isn't it. Anyhow, good luck in your new home, Mobile, Al.
          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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            hey gang,

            I was raised in Savannah Georgia so I know the South pretty well, I lived on Turnberry street in Pt Wentworth. Once I smelled the ocean again, and talked with those groomers who haven't been sharpened in 5 months, I was hooked.
            Tim's coming down next week so we can catch up all the Pet Somethings in one big sweep. From Panama City FL to BAton Rouge LA, we are going to do them all.

            I have to keep the name "Northern Tails" because Im known all over the world by that name. It would be nice to change it but I can't.