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  • 12 week poodles

    I have a new customer with 2 mini poodles that I have only groomed once. When I groomed them they were a mess. One I shaved, the other I was able to save some coat but the dog was left very sort. Very nice woman and dogs. She made 2 appointments, 6 weeks apart. She cancelled the first appointment, so now her next appointment is 12 weeks, far too long to wait between grooms for a poodle. I called her to remind her of this over 2 weeks ago and she agreed, yes, they need to be groomed, 12 weeks is too long to wait, she'll call me back. Well, I haven't heard a word from her.

    It is now 9 weeks since those poodles were groomed. Should I call her again? Should I just wait and charge her more when I go to groom the poodles in 3 weeks (if she even keeps the appointment). I am not looking forward to this kind of appointment however, I would really like to keep her as a customer if I can. As I said, she is nice and I liked the dogs and she lives close by. Also, it's a plus for me that she has 2 dogs. Also, very simple trim, no poodle feet.

    Should I call her and just explain I only groom poodles on a maintenance groom schedule, maximum every 6 weeks and cancel her appointment if she won't hve the dogs groomed sooner? I am hoping I can educate her so she'll get on a reasonable schedule. I would like to keep her as a customer so I really want to give her a chance.

    What would you do?
    I have a feeling she could be one of those "serial non-grooming" types but I'm not sure.

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    I'd wait and charge more. Then explain that from now on they must be groomed more frequently or you won't be able to do them. I find that some people just put it off if other expenses come up. They usually don't mind spending extra if they know it's their fault.


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      I would wait to see the condition of their coat.
      Sometime when they know they are extending the appointment they take better care of the coat. Maybe financially she is trying to extend the length of time between appointments.
      Wait to see how bad they look. Then charge accordingly.


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        If they are not in bad shape charge accordingly.

        If you are trying to get her and your other customers onto a fixed schedule. then there should be some penalty.


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          If they were a mess when you first groomed them the owner probably thought they didn't need grooming when six weeks rolled around--especially since you'd shaved the one.

          I guess I'm the only groomer in the world who doesn't mind getting dogs in on a looser schedule. I just charge more.

          Are you afraid they'll be in the same shape as the first time you saw them? Did you charge enough? If you like her and the dogs why drop them? Oh, and I wouldn't call her back, except right before the twelve week appt. to remind her.
          I'm just saying what I would do--not telling you.


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            I wouldn't refuse to groom them, but charge for your extra time. If she can't/won't have it done more frequently, she will just have to settle for having them shaved. If the dogs are pleasant, I don't think that is an ethical reason to no longer service them. JMO


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              I would do them this time and charge accordingly, as the others have suggested. Book her again for 6 weeks, and if she cancels that one and tries for another 12 week interval explain politely that you only groom poddles on a 6 week schedule and if that does not work for her perhaps you aren't the right groomer for her.

              When I was in my early days I went to a house to groom two maltese. They had not been groomed for a really long time and were in terrible condition. First off the guy was in the shower when I got there. His elderly mother was there and had me wait for him to come downstairs. Kept me waiting 20 minutes, so we were already off on the wrong foot. I groomed the dogs, who were sweet, but they took a really long time. At the time I was not charging enough for dogs in that condition. I figured once I had them on a regular schedule I wouldn't have to deal with it again and gave the owners the benefit of the doubt. This guy made me change THAT policy!

              He liked the job I did and wanted me to come back in 12 weeks. I explained that I recomended 6 weeks, but would try 8 weeks and if the dogs were in reasonable condition give him an 8 week schedule. He booked for 6 weeks and I gave him his next two appointments.

              One week later he cancelled the 6 week appointment and wanted to keep the 12 week one. I told him unless he rescheduled the 6 week appointment for no more than 8 weeks I would not be able to be his groomer. He got all ticked off and I said "sorry, bye."

              So be careful if she is trying to take advantage of you. Build your business with quality clients. It may take a little longer but you'll be happier and more profitable in the long term.



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                Does she want you to leave them long or does she not mind nekkid Poodles? If she wants you to leave them long I'd tell her that she HAS to brush and comb them between visits or they shall be nekkid. I officially have *no tact* because I told a client, on my second visit to her house aftre just such a stunt, that grooming Standard Poodles every 12 weeks without brushing them or even doing much of anything to them and expecting me to torture them by heavy brushing and dematting them to leave coat was neglect. She told me I was a totally awesome groomer but I had no tact---go figure The way I see it is she has 4 choices-care for them between visits so they are well-kept, get used to them being nekkid, make and keep more frequent appointments or go elsewhere. Life is too short and it sounds like you're not hurting for business. NEXT!!!!!


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                  Thank you everybody. I guess I will wait and see. If the dogs need to be clipped short or shaved, so be it and I'll charge her accordingly. She's not really fussy, just wants nice clean dogs in a simple trim.

                  Next time I see her I'll give her the spiel about maintanance grooming. I don't think she understands the "mobile grooming philosophy" because she's always gone to a shop and took them when "she felt the dogs needed to be groomed". I guess I'll have to enlighten her! lol