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Forms to have owner sign?

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  • Forms to have owner sign?

    I'm getting ready to go mobile soon and I wanted to know what sorts of forms you have owners read and sign? Where did you get them? Did you make them up? "Release and Hold Harmless" was mentioned (maybe in the mobile survey I just read). Is that something special? I'm getting caught up and a bit freaked out by the paperwork aspect of this all.

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    I saw your website

    I think you coverd everything very well. Iprobably don't need to spend as much as I commited to to get my point across. I think a releae form is very important and to be an LLC as well. Just a few weeks ago we were talking on the chat board. Now LOOK at you girl! IT's happening for you. I am thrilled for you.!Barkleigh prod has forms for matted dogs, old dogs, can I say that here?


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      Release forms are...

      good, but only if you use them. In all of my doing with clients in AZ, not one person refused to sign a form. But I think a lot has to do with the way you approach the situation. I have my "policy" form on my web site, and it's the same one I present to the cliet, for a signed on to keep in the dogs file. I also have a flea policy, so that clients KNOW my feeling on FLEAS! ANd I have a thing called...Tell me about your pet...with a's written in the first person, with one for each pet.

      You can view these on my web site, and yes you may copy them or use them , just tweak them for your personal use. I'm a firm believer in getting things spelled out right from the get-go. I've had other mobile groomers in my area tell me that they couldn't get a client to sign one, or that it's too much work, or that their clients are just such good friends they couldn't ask such a thing...well, to each is own, but in the same light, I've had others tell me clients didn't bat an eyelash over the new paperwork they present to them [the client] go figure.

      Again, a lot will have to do with the way you present it.
      take a look at mine and build you own...flea policy is linked to the actual policy page...


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        Hi I have the ones from Barkleigh they are good to have when you need them.When I mention sighning a waiver most people say I would never sue you.I have you just say I know that but it's a safeguard and business policy.


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          In Mobile I don't have them sign anything, I just give them a brochure with our policies. In my salons they sign in on a sign-in sheet at the top it has a waiver.

          Please remember, that people cannot sign their rights away. They still have the right to sue :-)


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            Gracy hit it on the head. Even the most well written form may still not hold up in court. I would definitely have an attorney help you for one. About the only form that we have people sign is if there dog is matted.
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