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    Do any of you use a clipper vac? I'm looking into it and just woundered how everyone liked it. For those of you who don't have one, what do you do with the hair after each dog? Do you bag it and stick it in the garbage in your mobile unit or do you bag it and throw it away in the customers garbage?
    What if the pet had fleas I sure wouln't want it in my garbage?

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    i use a clipper vac. i am not mobile, but if i were and will be soon.....i would buy a hanvey taxi-vac. or at least if you already had a clipper-vac.......which i know you do not. i would replace the hose and clipper attachment with the one that hanvey sells. our hoses on the clipper vac are always breaking, from twisting....and the hole is not as large as on the attachment hanvey sells. it stinks when that hair clogs. also i like the taxi-vac for a mobile because you can suck up the hair and at the end of the day open the bottom and dump directly into the garbage....when you open the side of the clipper falls out..then you have to either vacuum it up or dig it out and empty into the garbage.......yuck...other then what i mentioned the clipper vac works fine....but if it were my $ i'd go taxi-vac


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      I don't know how you go thru threads from the past...

      I have a clipper vac and Ivac and have praised it many times, as have others. We don't have fleas in Az and I don't experience Them. I sometimes give garbage bag to client, especially if dog did poopies. Sometimes I bring it home to my trash can. The clipper vac is the best investment I have purchased. I can't say enough GOOD things about it. See if you can find other threads on the subject. Stephen said you can so we don't have to repeat ourselves.


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        I LOVE having the clipper vac. It is a great little invention, saves a LOT on clean up and crud you inhale as you groom.

        One thing I'm unsure of is your question about fleas? Do you shave mostly dirty dogs or do you bathe them first? I prefer not to clip a dirty dog, straight to the tub with 'em. No fleas here in Utah anyway, but if there were, you can bet I'd kill 'em first.

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate