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    Wel.. My trailer will be done in 10 days and people are already asking if I offer discounts for multiple dogs. How do those of you that offer them go about doing it without losing money?

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    My mother won't let me use that dirty "D" word.


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      I don't offer it for less than 3 dogs. Then I offer like $5 off the bill. Use your judgement. It saves you driving time and gas. Even though I am still running my gene, I don't have to lose drive and set up time. But it has to be 3 or more dogs
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        The groomers around me that offer discounts also have the dogs on a maintenance plan to keep the coats in better condition. If the owner does not comply with the agreed plan then the charge goes back up to compensate for the extra work of dematting, etc. Decide what you think is a fair wage you are willing to work for and stick to it. Check with other groomers in your area to see if they actually offer discounts. Sell your service to the customer. Say with gas prices going up all the time and wear and tear on a vehicle I am actually saving you money by coming to you and keeping your pet happier because it is at home being groomed and you don't have the aggravation of having to load all of those dogs to get to the grooming shop and picking them up. When a customer sees the extra value of the service then it makes more sense why you may not offer discounts.

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          i agree

          I agree, if you do decide to offer a discount I wouldn't offer it to anyone who has less than 3 dogs. And a $5 discount sounds very reasonable. People are appreciative of any amount of money they can save.

          I'm currently leaving my home grooming business to go into mobile grooming and I plan to wave my curret customers convenience charge if they can get some of their neighbors with pets to switch to me. The more pets I do in the same area, the easier it will be for me to give a discount.

          Be sure not to let people guilt you into giving a discount. We all have a good heart and want to help, but keep in mind you have to look out for you and what you need to pay yourself to make your bill and be happy.


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            If there are 2+ dogs, I will give a fat discount to dogs that take me 20 mins to groom: chihuahuas, JRT, mini dachs, and the like. No discounts on any other dogs for multiple, and same minimum fee if there is only one chihuahua. If they have maltese, yorkies, shih tzus, lhasas, etc that are kept very short, I will give a small discount for the in-between bath, assuming it is 2 or 3 weeks later and they are still very short. All this goes out the window if the dogs are naughty and take too long...I have breed pricing, but it all comes down to time, so I sway by $10 depending on size. Something new I am offering, is a $5.00 credit for referrals that book and keep their appt. I track it in the new client's file, and give the credit AFTER the service.


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              I don't give discounts ... except if I show up to groom the dog they made the appointment for and I see they have a Boxer or other real quick and easy dog I'll offer to throw that one in for much less than my minimum groom price. I'm there and a dog like that takes about 20 min. If I'm asked, the answer is always no though; the only discounts I give are ones I offer for my own reasons.

              I stopped offering multidog discounts when I was at a seminar at Hershey and the speaker said "Who's decision was it to get two or three or more dogs? Why should you be paid any less per dog?"

              And while it's nice to pull up at a house and have a few dogs to work on before you have to head out again, the flip side of that is when they cancel at the last minute you have a much larger gap to try to fill at short notice. Not to mention pulling up to a three-dog house to find no one home and half your day's income gone.



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                I never give discount for only 2 dogs (most people have atleast 2) in my salons.

                For our Mobile there is NO discount. Mobile is a LUXURY service not a CONVENIENCE (if they want convenience go to 7-11).


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                  Do NOT offer discounts. I offer 10% off for multiple dog households (and have been doing so for 3 years). I want to get out of it, but I haven't found a way to do it yet.


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                    Just stop offering it. As with any price increase, just let the people know a groom or two in advance that you are no longer able to accommodate the discount due to your expenses increasing. I tend to blame my accountant "I'm sorry, I met with my accountant the other day and he said I have to do this or across the board or I'll be running into problems pretty soon."


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                      Generally I don't

                      but I did offer a $5 discount to this only one person, short on funds, if she gets her dog groomed within 8 weeks. It's a nice dog and real easy if kept up. She calls and sets it up right on the money. Before than she would stretch it out and it was so much harder. I thought of offering the discount and she lit up at that. Also like Meesh said, if they have a short hair good dog I'll charge fairly little since I'm there anyway. Seems like a win win to me.

                      I have often charged less to people who are nice, dog is nice, and I can see they are really struggling to keep up. I sort of think of it as ability to pay. I always say, Don't Tell Anybody What I'm Charging You, makes them feel special and keeps me out of trouble. It is very few though.
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                        Try offering multi household discounts.

                        Its simple, tell your customers that they need to ask their neighbors to become your customers. They(the original client) will be the "point person, and set up the appointment date and give you the names, addresses and breeds of those that will participate.

                        For the point persons time and extra effort offer them $8-$10 off their groom(s) and their neighbors will get a $5 total off of their groom(s). <Tell them this in advance. When the point customer calls have them give you the new customers names, addresses>

                        In a few months you can do almost an entire street in one stop and have it rebooked on your schedule. It will save you time and gas, increase your income and ease your scheduling.

                        I know several PC companies that do this and will have a truck on one street for the entire day, servicing an entire neighborhood in a weeks time.

                        I'd include their friends and family within a black or two of the PP home.

                        Don't call it a "discount" call it a 'neighborhood service rate.' It just sounds better and more professional.
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                          Has to be three or more in a stop, then I give a 5% discount.
                          I have a neighborhood that schedule their dogs on the same day.


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                            I'm with Gracie Rose

                            Originally posted by Gracy Rose View Post
                            I never give discount for only 2 dogs (most people have atleast 2) in my salons.

                            For our Mobile there is NO discount. Mobile is a LUXURY service not a CONVENIENCE (if they want convenience go to 7-11).
                            When you have 2 or more vehicles, the garage does not discount, when my husband and I go to the dentist, no discount, I could go on and on........


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                              The jerk at the corner gas station won't give me a price break if I buy more than 8 gallons of gas. He knows I easily spend close to $150 a week. that does not include coffee, paper or whatever.

                              My yellow page ad guy won't give me a discount if I sign a contract for 12 months. The only thing he will tell me is that the price won't go up. And by the way I caught him in a lie about delievering books. His comment was "we deliever the books" yet I got pictures of brand new 2006 - 2007 phone books sitting on a pallet at the local archery range waiting to be used as the backstop. So everyone - please check to make sure that your hard earned advertising dollars are not being shot at or wasted. If they are please ???

                              My insurance broker won't give me a price break because I have to have 2 policies. 1 for the van and the other for personal.

                              I did try this once. I went to the store and told the clerk I only need 7 eggs out of the dozen for a recipe, could I get a price break. She almost droped the eggs during her fits of laughter.

                              When I get my blades sharpened, its usually 20 to 30 at a time. My sharpener won't give me a break.

                              So when I client asks for a price break for multiple dogs - the answer is I am sorry at this time I am unable to offer discounts.