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Ever had to take time off ???

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  • Ever had to take time off ???

    My husband finally found a decent job that was permanent with full benefits, etc, after about 8 mos. of temporary assignments and unemployment. Then he started a new job on monday which is great.

    But then his mothers health went to a critical stage because she became ill with liver failure. She has cirosis due to previous harsh medications she took for years that caused liver problems. Now she has been transfered to a hospital with a team of experts to evaluate her for a transplant.

    He loves his mom and is so distraut, but we need him to stay focused and keep his job. Soooooo now I have been staying with his mother and cancelling appointments for now. I only groomed 2 dogs this week so I could be with her. There are many problems with her health, I could list 100 problems. Doctors have recommended to keep a family member with her at all times if possible because she has been getting panic attacks and especially me being present she has been very calm because she loves having me help her.

    I don't know what to do, I am probably going to lose alot of customers. I would like to change my schedule to 4 or 5 hours a day starting early so I can get to her. The hospital she is at is almost 2 hours away as well, so that has made it difficult.

    So far most of my customers understand, and hopefully if they get her stable enough and get her on a transplant list than possibly she could be alone for a little while each day.

    Until then, I feel like the business I have worked so hard for is going to suffer so badly that I might have to nearly start over some day.

    Please give me some insight to what you think would be the right thing to do, or tell me what you think about me working only half days. I know it will put me far behind because I have a jammed packed schedule so far for the rest of May and June.

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    First of all I would like to tell you how sorry I am that your family is going through this. My prayers are w/you.

    I know you will get lots of good advice on this from others, but here is my take. Expect to loose a few and try not to get too stressed about (if possible). When this crisis is over I bet you are able to return to your previous work load quicker than you think, so try to be positive!

    Maybe you could send out a letter explaining the situation and also have a message on your voice mail. I think communication is the key thing here so your clients don't think you are just going "flaky" on them. Do you have another groomer that you are close to in your area that you can refer to? Are you getting any help from other family members who can stay w/your MIL to where you can groom a couple times a week? How about hiring someone to drive your van and groom for you? I am not mobile, so I don't even know if this is viable. What ever happens I think you are wonderful for taking care of your MIL during this time!
    SheilaB from SC


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      what you are doing is the right thing. i am a firm believer in what goes around comes around. most good customers will be understanding and it won't take you long to get back up and running when the time comes. in the meantime, are there other family members who could help out, your local elder care office may have solutions, church groups,etc. good luck.
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        Life is precious and brief. Don't lose site of the big picture and what is important in life. Work becomes so insignificant when tragedy strikes. Take some time to clear your mind and devise a schedule that can accomplish your goals and needs. If you need to work half days, only certain days...evaluate what is best. Then go through your client list and kind of rate your clients. Choose the best clients (nicest, most profitable, most understanding, etc) and put them on your preferred client list. Identify any clients that you are better off without for whatever reason and keep them on a list. Then go through and accomodate your best clients top down. Call them, whatever...advise them of your new schedule and see if that works for them. If it doesn't, gently let them go for now and move on down the list. For people you can't accomodate, just let them know matter of factly and tell them you will call them when things change. Let go of your fear they won't be there. It serves no purpose and is out of your control.

        Work will always be there. It sounds like your husband has the most important job for your family with the benefits. Do what is best for your team. It doesn't do your mother in law much good for you to be stressed out. No one wants to be a burden and she would pick up on it. Arrange things as you need to for long term. This could be a long road and you don't want to be cycling through stress every time you have to prolong your arrangement. Good luck, you are a wonderful person for your caring and help for your mother in law.


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          A groomer friend of mine's husband has cancer & for the last year her life has been total chaos! Most of her clients have accepted this & will work around her schedule, even letting her do grooming on normally off days, evening etc..

          Your great clients will understand. Many of your good ones will & the others well ... some people just don't get it.

          Love your post Furelite.

          This too shall pass


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            I'm sorry

            i agree with everyone else here. you're absolutely doing the right thing. but maybe, you can find another family member to help share your burden....or what about a close friend of your mil. where do you live....there are such good hearted people on this board....heck if i were in your area i'd groom 1 day a week for you until things got better...there are obviously alot of high quality groomers that read this message board....maybe someone near you can help come up with a temp. solution...and if not remember what the others is precious.....


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              Family FIRST and always!!!

              You're doing the right thing. Possibly move them to evenings and weekends? Gads, that's what you were trying NOT to do with your new schedule, huh?

              I'm so sorry about your mother-in-law, I know if the same thing happened to my Mother-in-law, my husband wouldn't be able to function, as his family is so tight-knit I have never seen anything like it.

              Your business will always be there, dogs will always be there, you can do it the way YOU want to and need to because it is YOUR business. Hey, if there are Gold's Gyms around here open 24 hours and people are working out at those god-forsaken hours, you can find good dogs to groom at whatever hour of the day as well!

              Tammy in Utah
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                Thanks for the encouragement. This is like a nightmare and we haven't woken up yet. Tammy, your so right, I was trying so hard to work normal hours for once, and now it's actually a benefit for anyone who would prefer an evening.

                Fortunately I've had some others who are friends and close with her to see that I'm doing a little too much. And your all so right, rest is important so I can give her some quality time. Although, based on the surgeons and doctors responses, it looks like we need to make her comfy for now.

                The customers who I have had to put off so far have been kind about it. That has been such a blessing. I'm hoping to get back to a work week next week, depending on how things go.


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                  I just took off 5 weeks because of my back surgery and they all waited for me. Some went to other places to get a bath and some got them groomed but they all want to be back with me. I am truely blessed to have such wonderful clients. Take care of you and your family, I think most people understand and will stick with you and work around your schedule.
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                    I agree with everyone, I wish you and yours well.

                    The very worst is you don't groom for awhile, but I believe that family must come first. However, the plus side is that most if not all of your customers will most likely return when your able. You started once from scratch, if you do need to start again look at how much farther along you will be at that point.